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Tony Romo net worth: Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback signs massive deal with CBS

Tony Romo net worth: Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback signs massive deal with CBS
Tony Romo is one of the highest-paid NFL announcers ever. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Admedia

Tony Romo made a lot of money playing for the Dallas Cowboys and took enough hits to end his career early. However, he has just inked a monster deal just to talk football and is making more than many NFL stars.

The New York Post reports that CBS just gave Tony Romo a new deal to keep him on their network calling football games for over $17 million a year.

Tony Romo contract with CBS Sports

Tony Romo, despite spending his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys, signed with the AFC-centric NFL television network CBS when he started his announcing career.

Fox, the home of the NFC, also has a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback calling action there with Troy Aikman.

CBS seemed very happy with what Tony Romo brought them.

Romo’s original contract came to an end and he was about to become a free agent, but CBS wanted to keep him. CBS paid him over $17 million a year to stick with its network.

This contract came when ESPN made some noise that it wanted to shake up its Monday Night Football lineup. Instead of moving to ESPN for MNF, Romo will stay on CBS and call games with Jim Nantz.

Romo proved himself valuable because he showed through his time in the booth that he could predict plays before they happened. He did this constantly during the 2019 AFC Championship Game.

Also, with the NFL TV deals expiring in 2022, this big-money contract proves that CBS has no intention of leaving the NFL game.

Tony Romo net worth

Tony Romo might be making $17 million a year as an announcer, but he made so much more than that as an NFL quarterback.

That is even more impressive since Romo was not drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and joined them as an undrafted free agent in 2003.

In 2003, Romo signed a two-year deal worth $540,000.

In 2005, he signed a two-year deal worth $1.88 million

In 2006, Romo signed a one-year deal worth $3.9 million. He then became a star.

In 2007, Romo got his first big-money deal with a six-year extension worth $67.5 million. In 2013, Romo re-upped with another six-year deal, this one worth $108 million.

He worked out some restructuring after that and in 2017, the Dallas Cowboys let Romo go, and he retired.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tony Romo is worth $70 million before signing the new deal with CBS.

On top of the NFL earnings, Romo also had an endorsement deal with Starter and played golf as well. Before his new $17 million deal, CBS was paying Romo $4 million a year.