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Tom Brady to Titans? Why reunion with Mike Vrabel makes Tennessee a top landing spot for Patriots QB

Mike Vrabel
Titans coach Mike Vrabel and Tom Brady are great friends. Could that be a strong reason for Brady to sign with Tennessee this offseason? Pic credit: Tennessee Titans/YouTube

Where will Tom Brady play in 2020? Even on the verge of Super Bowl 54, which the New England Patriots are not in, Tom Brady is dominating the NFL headlines.

Brady waiting game

While many rumors are floating around the internet on where Tom Brady will play next fall, realistically, it is only going to come down to a handful of teams.

Vegas oddsmakers have the Chargers as the favorites, which does make sense if they don’t re-up with Philip Rivers. However, you can’t take Vegas seriously when they have the Cleveland Browns listed as one of the top 5 landing spots for Brady.

News flash, Tom Brady isn’t going to Cleveland. Nor is he going to any team that doesn’t have a chance to win in 2020 or 2021.

That being said, how about the Tennessee Titans?

Brady to Tennessee?

On Monday, Max Kellerman of ESPN’s “First Take” said he thinks Brady will sign with the Los Angeles Chargers, who boast a talented roster yet could need a quarterback with Philip Rivers also set to hit the open market.

Stephen A. Smith thinks otherwise. Smith believes that Brady has a great shot of landing in Tennessee, and many of his points are strong.

Smith mentioned how the Titans have over $60 million in cap room heading into 2020 and how the Titans, while they still need to make a few tweaks, have the talent to be Super Bowl champions with Brady behind center.

And of course, the Mike Vrabel factor.

Brady and Vrabel were longtime teammates in New England and have a great relationship to this day.

“If you’re talking about a swan song, if you’re talking about the twilight of your career ending in an ideal circumstance, what better way can it be than staying in the same conference, playing for a guy who is a friend who’s incredibly familiar with what you do, what you bring to the table, especially when you have weapons,” Smith said.

His points are valid.

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Brady stays in the AFC, and he heads to a team that can run the ball with Derrick Henry (yes, they have to re-sign Henry if they want to land Brady).

You don’t break the bank by signing Brady because a two-year deal with a possible third-year club option is all any team s going to offer Brady at this stage of his career.

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