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Tom Brady claims top-selling jersey in all sports, Tampa Bay now most popular team

Tom Brady
Tom Brady now has the top-selling jersey in sports as he heads to Tampa Bay for 2020. Pic credit: ABC News/YouTube

Well, that didn’t take long. Tom Brady has yet to take a single snap as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, yet his jersey is already topping the charts.

It’s been a long time since Tampa Bay has received so much preseason hype, but the Bucs signed Brady in free agency. The anticipation for a new campaign hasn’t been this high in Tampa in decades.

Tom Brady jersey jumps to No. 1

Tom Brady’s jersey has always been a hot seller, yet after two decades of football in New England, he has now hit an all-time high.

According to Ian Rapoport, Brady, along with Tampa Bay as a team, have hit new pinnacles.

Rapoport indicates that the Buccaneers sold more merchandise yesterday than they have in the previous 17 days combined – and Tom Brady was one of the main reasons why.

Sales of Brady’s merchandise jumped an incredible 3,000 percent on Tuesday. That jump has put Brady as the top-selling athlete in all sports.

It also helped push the Buccaneers to the top-selling team in the NFL. Bet you didn’t see that coming two months ago.

Yes, the recently 10-year-or-more mediocre Bucs are ready for action – at least in terms of sales. Whether they will be a contender on the field is another story.

Will Brady bring Tampa Bay Super Bowl title?

When the Buccaneers hit the field in 2020, they are going to be under a huge microscope. Never before has a team that has come nowhere near winning a Super Bowl in the past 10 years jumped from a huge underdog to one of the favorites just because they signed one player.

That is what the Buccaneers have done just by signing Tom Brady.

Tampa Bay was sitting at anywhere between +3000 to +4500 to win the Super Bowl before Brady announced he was leaving the Patriots for Tampa.

Now, the Buccaneers are one of the top five favorites to win the Super Bowl at +1100.

Sure, the hype is there, but will Tampa fans turn on Brady if the team doesn’t live up to the high expectations that have suddenly fallen upon them?

They very well could.

These odds seem as ridiculous as the hype behind the Cleveland Browns heading into last season.

Nevertheless, the feel-good hype is sky-high right now for Buccaneers fans, and those jerseys are hot!

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