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Super Bowl Squares 2020: How to play, printable grid for Chiefs vs 49ers

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Games like the Super Bowl squares will be popular when the Chiefs face the 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Pic credit: Highlight Heaven/YouTube

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are heading to Super Bowl 54. Super Bowl Sunday is America’s unofficial holiday as millions of fans are expected to gather for Super Bowl parties, tons of food, good conversation, and, of course, watching the big game.

We tend to forget that there is a football game to watch at these Super Bowl parties as well!

Super Bowl squares

One of the most popular games at Super Bowl parties to play are the Super Bowl squares.

Super Bowl squares can be played for fun, prizes or for anything you choose. The squares have grown in popularity over the years, and they are a great way to keep fans and non-fans alike interested in the game – even if you are not cheering for either team participating.

So what are the squares and how do you play? Here is a brief rundown. The game is simple, fun, and you and your friends can bend the rules anyway you like.

How to play the Super Bowl Squares

First of all, you start with an empty 10x10 grid.

This grid will have 100 different squares for players to choose from. Each person will select a square and write their name in it. Now with 100 squares, most people will select a few because you want all 100 squares filled.

So if you have 25 people at your party or gathering, you would all select 4-squares.

When the squares are all taken, the next move is to assign one team to the column across the top, and the other to the column across the left-hand side.

Super Bowl 54 features the 49ers and Chiefs. For example, the Chiefs would be across the top, with the Niners along the side. It doesn’t matter how the teams are aligned, that is up to you.

Finally, random numbers between 0-9 are chosen to fill the squares across the top row and down the left-hand side. Numbers are usually randomly selected by the person or persons running the pool. You can pull them out of a hat, use a random generator program online or any way you want to fill the squares.

If your square matches the score at the end of the quarter, you win!

For example, if on your sheet your square has Kansas City with a 3, and San Francisco with a 0, and the score after the first quarter is 3-0 Kansas City, you are the winner.

Some people give away prizes for every score, not just the first quarter, Like mentioned above, you can change the rules all you want to keep the game fun and interesting.

As for prizes, that is up to you as well.

The most common way the game is played is to charge a certain amount per square. The amount can be $1, $5, $10, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Then the payout prizes are determined off the amount per square. Many workplaces that play the squares give away prizes of gift cards or even winning a paid day off!  That sounds like a winning proposition to many folks.

No matter how you set up the rules, the Super Bowl squares are a fun addition to any Super Bowl event.

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