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Super Bowl commercials 2020: Leaked ads include Bryan Cranston in ‘The Shining,’ Budweiser ‘Typical American’ along with others

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston’s Super Bowl commercial spoofs ‘The Shining.’ Pic credit: Mountain Dew/YouTube

An estimated 100 million people will tune in to watch Super Bowl 54 on Sunday, February 2. That number has come along way since the first Super Bowl 54 years ago.

With that kind of exposure, companies are willing to pay top dollar for an ad during the big game. A Super Bowl commercial can do wonders for a company in terms of boosting sales — that is, if it is done right.

The power of a Super Bowl commercial

While millions of fans will be rooting for either the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers this Sunday, let’s be honest. Millions of other folks are watching to see the commercials.

It’s true. The Super Bowl commercials have become just as big as the game itself. People love them!

These are not your typical bought and paid for advertisements.  The price tag to get into the Super Bowl ring of commercials can cost more than $5 million — and that is just a 30-second slot.

The payoff for some companies is well worth the investment.

Now that a few of them have leaked a bit early online, the buzz is already growing to see more. Here are a few that should get some rave reviews from fans this Sunday.

What’s old is new again for Budweiser

An entire generation has passed since the first Budweiser “Whassup” commercial aired. It first debuted back on December 20, 1999, during Monday Night Football.

That single ad changed the way people talked about the popular American beer, and the phrase became part of pop culture instantly. Now it’s back — with a modern twist!

Budweiser also has a commercial set to roll out on Super Sunday called “Typical American.”

This one seems like it will be a huge hit with American’s everywhere. Once again, Budweiser has put together a 60-second slot that hits a home run.

The expression “Typical American” is usually used when someone is talking poorly or mocking someone from the States.

You can hear the sarcasm in the narrator’s voice during the latest commercial from the King of Beers — and it is perfect. This one should get high marks.

Finally, another oldie but goodie takes on a different spin.

Spoofing Jack Nicholson’s unforgettable moment in the movie “The Shining,” actor Bryan Cranston loses his mind for a minute at how great Mountain Dew’s new zero sugar tastes.

Of course, all of us would get this excited to pass out a great flavored Mountain Dew, right?

If you want to see all of the newest commercials being released, be sure to tune into Super Bowl 54 this Sunday evening. By the way, there will be a football game being played in between the commercials too, if you are interested.

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