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Stefon Diggs trade rumors: Vikings WR addresses reporters with cryptic response

Stefon Diggs created more questions than answers at today’s press conference. Pic credit: Zone Coverage/YouTube

The Stefon Diggs trade rumors are heating up — and it seems Stefon Diggs may want it that way. In a day and age when players seemingly can very publicly demand trades, the Vikings wideout left the door wide-open this afternoon when asked about the trade rumors currently surrounding him.

Diggs trade rumors

Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs further fueled speculation that he wants out of the Twin Cities.

After talking to reporters, Diggs left the media a bit miffed over his answers about the possibility of being traded before the NFL trade deadline of 4 p.m. ET on October 29.

“I feel like there’s truth to all rumors, no matter how you dress it up,” Diggs told reporters Thursday. “I won’t be speaking on it at all, but there is truth to all rumors, I guess.”

When asked to elaborate on that answer, Diggs didn’t directly confirm that he has requested to be traded, but he did not deny that he wants to be traded.

“There’s truth to all rumors,” Diggs continued. “So what I mean on that, so I can politely explain, is there’s a lot of speculation on me being frustrated. Of course, being a receiver and wanting to have success and wanting to win, if you want to win and you’re not winning, of course you’d be frustrated. That’s my answer.”

Wait, what?

That answer was on the line of a politician! Not really answering the question, but kind of, well, in a way.

Let’s just quit beating around the bush here — the man wants to be traded. Hopefully, for the Vikings’ sake, if they don’t trade him he doesn’t become a distraction. If he does, then the team will have no choice but to unload him.

More trouble in Minny?

Diggs is far from the only issue with the Vikings. Fans are upset about the bad play of quarterback Kirk Cousins.

To make matters worse, or a bit strange, Kirk Cousins apologized to Adam Thielen for missing him on throws during a radio interview. Cousins apologized to Thielen and the team during his weekly radio show.

While that isn’t the worst thing in the world to do, it did seem a bit strange. Taking the blame for bad play is normal, but apologizing makes it seem like there are issues that may need to be addressed in the locker room.

The Vikings play the red hot New York Giants this weekend.

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