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Shalaya Briston arrested for Terrelle Pryor stabbing, altercation details emerge

woman arrested for terrelle pryor incident
Former NFL player Terrelle Pryor. Pic credit:

A woman has been arrested in the stabbing attack of former college football and NFL star Terrelle Pryor.

Shalaya Briston was reportedly taken into police custody after an overnight stabbing at the Heinz Lofts apartment complex in Pittsburgh.

The attack sent Pryor to the hospital in critical condition. Briston received several charges for the attack, with Pryor also reportedly arrested for his involvement in the altercation.

Shalaya Briston receives charges for stabbing incident

Earlier today, there were reports that an unidentified woman was involved in stabbing Terrelle Pryor. Later on Saturday, the woman’s identity was revealed to be Shalaya Briston, age 24, who was reportedly dating Terrelle Pryor for a year.

Reportedly, Briston has been charged with criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault for the attack. In addition, Terrelle Pryor was arrested for simple assault.

WPXI’s Amy Hudak provided a number of updates regarding the stabbing incident via her Twitter page.

Pryor, Briston altercation details revealed in court docs

According to a TMZ report, they obtained court documents regarding the altercation which led to Pryor being stabbed. Allegedly, the fighting started as Pryor and Briston went out for dinner and drinks with some friends.

Per TMZ, the court documents indicate that Briston left for the club with her friends and Pryor went home. However, when Briston and her friends returned to the house later, an angry Pryor was said to be waiting in a hallway.

According to a female witness who was a friend of Briston’s, Pryor knocked her (the friend) to the ground. After that, the witness said Pryor and Briston “locked up” and “began to tussle” with the fight going farther into the apartment, including the kitchen. The witness said the next thing she saw was Pryor holding his chest and bleeding.

From there, Briston and her three female friends brought Pryor to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. It was during that time that an officer overheard the female witness voice texting into her watch saying, “She was just defending herself and had to do it.”

That’s also when the witness said, “The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die,” and “We should have just let him die.”

In a report from Heavy, they indicate that Shalaya Briston sustained “a bruise on her nose and two broken fake nails.” Pryor went to the hospital in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest and shoulder. He underwent surgery and was expected to survive the attack.

Another tweet from WPXI reporter Amy Hudak indicated that Pryor and Briston had a “very volatile relationship” and Pryor “always had his hands all over her.”

More details about Briston, Pryor

Based on Heavy’s report, the 24-year-old Briston was a Pittsburgh native who graduated Steel Valley Senior High School and went to college at Philadelphia’s Temple University.

While the two were dating, not much is known about when their relationship began. Neither Terrelle Pryor nor Shalaya Briston posted any photos of themselves as a couple on social media.

Pryor currently has a son, Terrell II, with Heaven Lei. They’ve continued to co-parent Terrell II with no known issues. Pryor also dated Chania Ray with whom Heaven Lei reportedly had drama with last year. Neither woman was considered a suspect at any point in the stabbing incident, despite any information or rumors that may have been circulating online.

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