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Russell Wilson contract: What happens with no new contract from Seattle Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has no contract extension
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has no contract extension. Pic credit: NBC

The Russell Wilson contract situation has evolved into the next chapter. The Seattle Seahawks did not cave to the demands of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback and there is no contract extension in place.

There had been a lot of rumors floating around the NFL, with even more popping up on social media.

Many of them have indicated that Russell Wilson wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Others have stated that he wants percentages of future NFL salary cap increases that could up his salary during an extension.

But what happens if Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks don’t come to terms on a contract extension?

Russell Wilson holdout?

There are a lot of players in the NFL that would hold out for more money if they didn’t come to terms on a contract extension. Wilson set a deadline of April 15 for the Seahawks to negotiate with him and get a new contract ironed out.

The ultimatum stated that he would not negotiate in that regard for the rest of the NFL season.

In the final season of his current contract, Wilson is slated to earn $17 million in 2019. His roster spot also carries a cap hit of $25.23 million, which would be a deterrent to the team trying to trade him.

Russell Wilson trade by Seattle Seahawks?

The New York Giants are a team that has been linked to a possible Russell Wilson trade. The franchise is looking for a younger quarterback to take over for Eli Manning and that has led to a number of sports analysts floating Wilson-to-New York scenarios.

The Seahawks could make a trade like that and net several future first-round draft picks.

A trade involving Wilson might lose the Seahawks a lot of fans, especially with how difficult it is to land an elite quarterback in the NFL.

He is also a fan-favorite, having led the team to two Super Bowls (so far). There is also a contingent of fans that don’t want him to receive a salary close to $35 million per year.

Russell Wilson contract extension still possible

Even if the deadline isn’t met, it’s still possible for the Seahawks to extend Wilson. Meeting his demands might get Wilson and his agent back to the table after the deadline.

If that doesn’t work, the Seahawks still have the chance to offer him a new contract after the 2019 NFL season. If he were to decline, they could place a franchise tag on him, which would lead to a one-year contract.

While the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson don’t appear to be on the same page, yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the time the quarterback and the franchise have spent together is coming to an end.

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