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Patriots rumors: Tom Brady ’embarrassed’ by his salary, planning to move out of New England

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is rumored to be on the move – in more ways than one. Pic credit: New England Patriots/YouTube

What is Tom Brady doing next? Where will he play in 2020? Will he return to the Patriots? Those questions are being asked by thousands of NFL fans on a daily basis.

While the speculation continues about where Brady will play in 2020 on every sports radio show that exists, the future Hall of Fame quarterback seems to keep dropping hints that he won’t be in a Patriots uniform next season.

Money the issue for Brady?

Could money be the main issue why Brady is ready to walk away from New England? According to NBC Sports, Gary Tanguay indicated that Brady is “embarrassed” by his salary with the Patriots and how he is paid much less than most of the other quarterbacks in the league.

It might be, and by looking at these stats, one would argue that the six-time Super Bowl champ deserves a big pay raise to close out his career.

There are 13 NFL quarterbacks who earn more on an annual basis than Brady – including Brady’s former backups Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett.

Add to that, Brady has agreed to restructure his contract more than once during his time in New England so the organization could go out and get more talent to make another run at a Super Bowl title, and it seems odd that owner Robert Kraft wouldn’t do more to try and keep him.

Brady ready to move on?

Tanguay also dropped another bombshell during the Arbella Early Edition show on Thursday evening.  Tanguay revealed that a source told him that Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen are looking to leave New England – soon.

“I was told today by a source the family is planning to leave the area,” Tanguay said. “The priority this time is to let the kids finish school this year, then they’re gone.”

Now just because Brady is planning on moving doesn’t mean he wouldn’t return to the Patriots next season. All of the rumors out there that Brady wants to play on the west coast or he is fed up with the Patriots may be a bit overblown.

After all, it is hard to believe that Brady would go to a team that isn’t ready to win now.

The ball could be in Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s court. Kraft has the reputation of not paying out big money to any player. If that’s the case, even for Brady, it looks like an era is coming to a close in New England.

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