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Patrick Mahomes net worth: On the verge of a record breaking contract, how much is the Chiefs QB worth in 2020?

Patrick Mahomes
What is Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes worth? The answer may surprise you. Pic credit: Texas Tech Red Raiders/YouTube

What is Patrick Mahomes net worth? No matter what it is today, it is going to skyrocket very soon.

Compared to other NFL players and other sports figures, Mahomes is drastically underpaid. That is all going to change before the Chiefs hit the field in 2020.

Patrick Mahomes is Mr. NFL

Patrick Mahomes is Mr. NFL. As of right now, February 3, 2020, Mahomes is on top of the NFL world and it is not just because he pulled off an improbable fourth-quarter comeback in Super Bowl 54 leading his Chiefs to a 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s because, at this stage of his career, he can seemingly do it all. Mahomes has been dazzling fans ever since his very first game as the Chiefs starting quarterback.

It isn’t often that players live up to the hype – especially when the hype behind them is that they are one of the best prospects coming down the pipeline.

Mahomes was that can’t miss prospect out of Texas Tech, and so far the book on him is correct as he has exceeded expectations. He can run, throw on the run with accuracy, throw the deep ball, and most of all he is a leader on the field.

He also just became the youngest player in NFL history to win a league MVP award along with a Super Bowl MVP as well.

At the tender age of 24, Patrick Mahomes is the best at his craft. Now he is about to be paid like one.

Patrick Mahomes net worth

Patrick Mahomes is far from broke. But in terms of getting paid what he is worth to the Kansas City Chiefs, his salary is due for a hefty pay raise.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport that is going to happen very soon.

Rapoport tweeted that Mahomes is expected to receive a contract extension that will “shatter” the quarterback market and easily surpass Russell Wilson’s record salary. Specifically, Mahomes could land an extension in the $40 million per season range.

Currently, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson leads the NFL in average annual salary at $35 million per season.

Wilson has the league’s second-highest total value deal at $140 million. If the reports on Mahomes are correct, that honor is going to soon be his.

Currently, Mahomes’ base salary is $645,000. Yes, that’s correct. The Chiefs’ contract with Mahomes pays him less than $1 million per season.

Now, he does have several bonuses in his current deal that brought up his total pay to $1.9 million for 2019 but in this day and age that is a bargain price for the Chiefs.

According to Spotrac, Mahomes has earned $13.7 million playing in the NFL. With endorsement deals, his net worth is more likely in the $15-16 million range.

That number may jump up to ten times its value after Mahomes’ next deal. Right now, it is good to be Patrick Mahomes.

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