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Odell Beckham Jr’s ESPYS outfit, new haircut bring out hilarious Twitter reactions

cleveland browns receiver odell beckham jr
NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. debuted a new haircut and interesting ESPYS outfit on Wednesday (July 10). Pic credit: Cleveland Browns/YouTube

Whenever a major awards show takes place, it gives the celebrity presenters, attendees, and nominees a chance to show off their unique style. Some get it right and others take a major risk which ends up failing.

With Wednesday night’s ESPYS, a number of people were quickly thinking the latter with Odell Beckham Jr’s ESPYS outfit. His new haircut also brought in some mixed reviews as he’s ditched the trademark blonde style.

Odell Beckham Jr. debuts new haircut, ESPYS outfit

The arrival of OBJ to the ESPYS red carpet quickly turned heads. That’s because he donned a brand new haircut and an interesting choice of outfits.

The NFL on ESPN rolled out a quick video clip to show off his arrival to the awards show.

Beckham was decked out with a new hair cut and ESPYS outfit featuring beige shorts and some sort of overall vest with a pouch embedded on the front.

Early on during the 2019 ESPYS, the newest member of the Cleveland Browns’ offense also took to the stage as a presenter. He was paired up with Dwyane Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union, who looked stunning in her sparkly dress.

However, Odell Beckham Jr’s ESPYS outfit stunned fans in a different way as they reacted to it on Twitter. Some felt maybe he had just been out for a trip to a lake somewhere.

The Twitter reactions to the NFL receiver’s outfit included plenty of comparisons and references to what his costume was. Some believed it may have been a preview of what he’ll wear for Halloween.

Now he can tweak the costume based on the online suggestions to really make it stand out!

There was also a rather funny “Who wore it better” tweet floating around out there. Did Odell outdo the original? That seems like a tough battle for the superstar receiver.

An interesting costume comparison to a popular cartoon character showed up as well. DW is none other than Dora Winifred, the younger sister of popular aardvark Arthur.

It’s quite possible that OBJ is a fan of the show. There’s nothing wrong with representing for your favorites on the grand stage, is there?

No matter who or what inspired Odell Beckham Jr’s ESPYS outfit, it was certainly one of the more unique ensembles seen on stage. That shouldn’t take away from his brand new cut that he also unveiled on Wednesday.

What about Odell Beckham Jr’s new haircut?

The longtime New York Giants wide receiver was well known for the blonde hairstyle he was rocking off the field. It appears at least for the ESPYS he officially ditched that trademark cut in favor of something brand new and fresh.

Still, it didn’t stop the Twitter fun from taking place. There were some users of the belief that Cleveland barbers just don’t compare to what Odell Beckham Jr. had in NYC.

It’s clearly a new time for Odell Beckham Jr, ESPYS outfit and haircut aside. The wide receiver is ready to have another successful season, but this time with a brand new quarterback tossing him the ball.

OBJ will catch passes on the field from Cleveland Browns star Baker Mayfield.

He’s made a few mistakes before, so this latest outfit choice will probably be forgiven, as long as he helps the Browns make the playoffs!

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