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Odell Beckham Jr. choked in scuffle by Ravens’ Marlon Humphrey [video]

ravens db marlon humphrey chokes browns wr odell beckham jr
Ravens defensive back Marlon Humphrey chokes the Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. after a play in Sunday’s game. Pic credit: NFL on CBS screencap

The Cleveland Browns came away with a hard-fought victory on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

The fight was real, as an extremely physical matchup took place involving Odell Beckham Jr. and Marlon Humphrey. At one point, the OBJ vs. Humphrey scuffle even appeared to show Odell Beckham Jr. choked on the field by the Ravens DB.

Here’s what went down and how OBJ got the last laugh.

OBJ, Marlon Humphrey highlight video

In the video below, starting around the 00:15 mark, check out the nightmare matchup that Humphrey gave Odell Beckham Jr. as he terrorized one of the league’s best receivers throughout the game.

The defensive back did an effective job at making sure OBJ was unable to come up with a number of receptions.

Things got physical on one particular play in the third quarter. With about 3:30 to go in the quarter, Beckham threw a punch to Humphrey’s helmet on a screenplay.

Humphrey retaliated by taking OBJ to the ground and choking him with both hands. Here’s a closer look at just the tail end of that play with the choking on the field.

Reportedly, Humphrey was also taken down by OBJ several plays before that one by the back of his neck.

Odell Beckham Jr. finished with just two receptions on seven targets for 20 yards. So Humphrey effectively prevented him from being much of a factor in the game, but the Ravens still took the “L.”

OBJ commented after the game that he lost an earring during all the extracurricular activities on the plays.

Browns’ coach Freddie Kitchens reacts to Humphreys’ choke

Both sides feel that the offending player in the scuffle should have been ejected from the game. For the Ravens, they believed OBJ should’ve been tossed for the punch he threw.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens was irked that Humprhey wasn’t thrown out for the choke. He even mentioned he was going to take it further with the league.

Per ESPN’s report, the game referees said upon review they didn’t see anything on the play that was deserving of ejection. They said when New York reviewed it, they had a similar result in their finding.

Nonetheless, the Cleveland Browns left the game with a victory and that’s what counts. It also put them at 2-2, tied with the Ravens in terms of record, but ahead of them with the division lead thanks to the win.

Following the game, Humphrey said he apologized to Beckham over what went down. When asked if OBJ apologized, Humphrey replied, “I don’t think he did. But I definitely told the refs he should’ve been ejected. It is what it is. Emotions flare.”

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