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NFL: Reddit live streams group shut down over copyright infringement claims

popular nfl reddit live streams group was shut down
Members of a popular NFL Reddit group learned the group was disrupted in late 2019. Pic credit: NFL/ YouTube

A popular NFL live streams group on Reddit was shut down due to ongoing claims of copyright infringement. The group, known as r/nflstreams still exists but they have moved their illegal streams to a new website after being hit by a stern warning.

Many of the community members reacted to the news, discussing how costly it is to try to enjoy a variety of sports games these days.

What happened to r/nflstreams?

Back in September, the NFL announced a partnership with Reddit. About a month later, the popular r/nflstreams group was disrupted due to a major warning.

The group hasn’t officially closed but they announced they received a warning from Reddit Legal in October regarding the fact they were receiving “too many copyright infringement notices about material” posted in their community. A copy of the notice is available here.

The gist of the notice from Reddit Legal is that Redditors aren’t allowed to submit any material infringing on someone else’s copyrights. Cases of repeat infringement result in bans, so the Reddit admins were forced to restrict submissions to the r/nflstreams group.

In response to the warning, the owners of the NFL streams Reddit have since moved to another site called NFLBite full time so that they could continue hosting live streams. The page shows various scores for major sports events from college, NFL, NBA, and more.

A note on the page also claims it is “The new home to reddit NFL streams” and that site users can “access every single NFL live stream in high definition” without having to use signups.

There are advertisements on the site which is mentioned in a separate post. That post asks members to consider disabling their ad blocking when using the site to help with site costs.

Community members react to NFL Reddit situation

Since posting the original announcement of moving their community elsewhere, the post has received over 1,000 comments with members reacting to the news. Many appear to be disappointed but are thanking those who kept the community going. Others mention how the group was a major money saver because trying to watch sports can get expensive.

“RIP. It was an amazing run! Thank you for everything over the years! Definitely will stream from NFLbites,” one member said.

“The price that they charge is definitely not something I’d ever pay. Sunday Ticket from DirecTV is like $400+ per season. No way I’m paying that,” said another member with regards to how expensive it is to see NFL games.

“These leagues need to get with the times and do something about it, there’s so much money to be made that they’re letting slip through their hands because of these s**ty cable contracts,” another person said.

Another member echoed those sentiments saying, “You guys have saved me from getting cable for years. Look forward to your work on the new site. Thank you so much guys!”

One commenter mentioned they expect it won’t be long until NFLBites is also shut down due to similar issues.

Many other comments express frustration over the news, while a number of people agree that they expected it to happen based on other Reddit pages being shut down in the past.

The r/nflstreams group had nearly 600,000 members and was in existence for over five years based on details on the still active page.

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