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NFL CBA details: 17-game season, additional playoff teams added into the mix

Matt Stafford
Some big changes are coming to the NFL next season. Pic credit: NFL/YouTube

The NFL CBA-deal was officially approved on Sunday and most fans will love what the changes will bring to the league.

17-game regular season

Rejoice NFL fans, more football is on the way! The NFL will be changing their format for the regular season – but just not quite yet.

The 2020 season will remain the status quo in terms of the preseason and regular season.

The four preseason games, 16 regular-season game format will not change just yet. What will change in 2020 is the addition of more playoff teams – and that is something everyone will love.

As reported by NFL guru Adam Schefter, the new CBA is a 10-year deal for the players, and while the full changes to the deal won’t kick in until 2021, some of the changes will take place immediately – with additional playoff teams being the number one plus for players and fans alike.

The league will add a wild-card team to each conference this season, meaning there will be two extra games on Wild Card Weekend.

The other change will see only the top seed in each conference getting a first-round bye. The second seed will play the No. 7 seed in the first round, No. 3 will face No. 6 and the No. 4 seed will face the No. 5 seed.

As for that 17th regular-season game, that will officially begin in 2021.

Rosters sizes will increase

Not only is the schedule getting bigger, but so are the rosters for each team. is reporting that the active roster on game day will go from 46 to 48 players, and one of the extra players has to be an offensive lineman.

Not only will the roster expand, so will each teams’ practice squad.

That number will jump to 12 in 2020 and 2021, then be bumped up to 14 starting in 2022.

The increase in the practice squads will give NFL teams more of an option to bring in extra players to help with the wear and tear players may incur from the addition of a 17th game.

If you are wondering along with so many others as to how the NFL will work out an odd number of games now that they will be adding No. 17 in 2021, well, so are they.

Who gets the home field in game 17 – and why?

As indicated by NFL insiders “That still has to be figured out. The likeliest solution right now seems to be having one conference receive the 17th game as a home game one season, and the other conference getting the additional home game the next season.”

Right now who cares about the details, it’s more football for fans to watch!

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