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NFL 100 quarterback list: Which players were selected and who was snubbed?

Joe Montana
Joe Montana was a unanimous selection to the NFL 100 team. Pic credit: Steiner Sports/YouTube

In honor of the NFL turning 100, the NFL Network, several writers, and NFL gurus have been working on a list consisting of the best players of all time.

Something like this can lead to a lot of debate among football fans. Either a player could be ranked too high or a player who many fans feel should be on the list doesn’t make the cut.

With the list completed and the final results hitting the network on Friday, the controversy over the quarterbacks who made it – and didn’t make it – has already begun.

Brady, Montana unanimous entries

The list of quarterbacks on the all-time NFL 100 team is a who’s who in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Yet the only active quarterback to make the list was Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

Brady, along with Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, and Otto Graham, were all unanimous entries on the NFL 100 team.

The complete list of quarterbacks on the list looks this way: Sammy Baugh, Tom Brady, John Elway, Brett Favre, Otto Graham, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, and Johnny Unitas.

While all of those names are well-deserving of the honor, some others seemed noticeably missing.

Quarterback snubs

With the list of the NFL 100 concluding, now comes the backlash.

Noticeably, in terms of quarterbacks on the list, fans want to know where is Drew Brees?

Brees, who recently broke the NFL record for career touchdown passes, was one of the first player’s fans noticed was not on the list.

Other players that were raising eyebrows for not being on the list were Aaron Rodgers, Troy Aikman, and long-time Steelers great, Terry Bradshaw.

How do you overlook the man who put the Steelers on the NFL map?

Bradshaw won four Super Bowl titles in Pittsburgh during a six-year span. He is a Hall of Famer, a three-time Pro Bowler, and was named the league MVP in 1978.

While a strong argument could be made for many players that did not make the NFL 100, Terry Bradshaw should be the first in line for that claim.

The complete list of the NFL 100 players is also available online for viewing.

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