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Jacksonville Jaguars fire Tom Coughlin amid NFLPA complaints

Jacksonville Jaguars fire Tom Coughlin amid NFLPA complaints
The Jacksonville Jaguars fired Tom Coughlin. Pic credit:

The Jacksonville Jaguars find themselves in a tough spot with the NFLPA warning players against signing with the team due to mistreatment. In response, the Jaguars have fired the executive vice president of football operations, Tom Coughlin, on Wednesday.

ESPN reports that Jaguars owner Shad Khan said that this move was in the best interests of everyone involved.

“I determined earlier this fall that making this move at the conclusion of the 2019 season would be in everyone’s best interests but, in recent days, I reconsidered and decided to make this change immediately,” Khan said.

It is interesting that Khan claimed he decided to fire Coughlin earlier in the fall, but he waited until the NFLPA complaints surfaced to pull the trigger.

With the complaints, it sounds like Tom Coughlin has chosen to take all responsibilities for the allegations the Jaguars face.

“As head of football operations for the Jaguars for the last three years I was responsible for all things related to football,” Coughlin said. “I take great pride in our accomplishments, especially in 2017 … I was the first coach of this franchise and I will always be supportive of the Jaguars.”

This comes after the Jacksonville Jaguars lost a grievance from the NFLPA and then saw the NFLPA release a statement damning the organization.

The grievance accused the Jaguars of forcing players to get all medical treatment in the offseason at their facility. The current agreement does not allow teams to force players to do anything in the offseason.

However, the Jaguars fined players for not coming to the facility in the offseason, including $700,000 in fines to defensive end Dante Fowler for missing “mandatory” appointments during the offseason.

Tom Coughlin reportedly issued the fine, which the arbitrator ruled he had no right in doing.

The letter issued by the NFLPA said that more than 25 percent of the grievances filed by all NFL players were those playing for the Jaguars. The NFLPA then issued a statement that was sure to affect the Jags’ bottom line.

“You as players may want to consider this when you have a chance to select your next club.”

Shad Khan said that general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Doug Marrone will now report directly to him.

Tom Coughlin was the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first head coach. He led them to the playoffs in their second season in existence. After struggling in their first season as a franchise, they went 45-19 over the next four seasons, making it to the AFC championship twice.

Coughlin left the team after eight seasons with a record of 68-60.

He joined the New York Giants in 2004 and went 102-90 as their head coach. In that period, he won two Super Bowls for the Giants.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 5-9 in the 2019 NFL season.

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