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Is Jeff Bezos trying to buy the Detroit Lions? Rumors fly that team is for sale

Jeff Bezos
Is Jeff Bezos interested in buying the Detroit Lions? Pic credit: Bloomberg Markets and Finance/YouTube

If you live in Detroit or are just a fan of the Lions you have heard this chant many times in the past, and most recently this past Sunday:

“Sell the team! Sell the team!”

The Lions have been owned by the Ford family for decades. Since 1964 to be exact. After Sunday’s loss to Tampa Bay, the crowd was once again very vocal on the team’s effort, or lack of it, and the crowd let them know in no uncertain terms.

Now to be realistic, to pile on head coach Matt Patricia and his staff is actually a bit unfair.

The team came into 2019 with high expectations and started the season 2-0-1. Then, on an almost weekly basis, player after player started to suffer injuries.

The Lions have been without several key starters for almost two months now – including quarterback Matt Stafford.

Even though it has been a rough year on the field for the Lions, is owner Martha Firestone Ford actually considering selling the franchise after the heckling they have been facing on a weekly basis?

The players and coaches reportedly love her, however, rumors from a reliable source are saying a potential upcoming sale is very possible.

No Filter Sports podcast host Eli Zaret broke some interesting news on Monday. Zaret, a former Detroit TV news lead sports anchor is no fly by night source – and that is why so many fans in Motown are taking his words with more than just a grain of salt.

According to Detroit Sports Nation, Zaret indicated that he has a close friend who is “one step removed from the actual source” that is indicating Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos will buy the Lions within the next year.

“One step removed from the actual source, but the step is a friend who I trust totally and tells me to make this prediction. In 2020, Jeff Bezos will buy the Lions,” Zaret said.

Zaret also noted that Bezos has been in Detroit at least twice to have “serious conversations” about buying the Lions.

If these rumors are true, this could get very interesting, very fast!

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