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How is Ty Law related to Tony Dorsett? Hall of Fame induction speech mentions early struggles

ty law talks about early struggles in his 2019 nfl hall of fame speech
Ty Law gives his 2019 NFL Hall of Fame induction speech in Canton, Ohio. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

On Saturday, the NFL Hall of Fame 2019 Class was officially inducted in Canton, Ohio. Among them was former New England Patriots star Ty Law.

He got emotional during his induction speech while talking about one particular family member who inspired him to do great things. So how is Ty Law related to Tony Dorsett exactly?

Law grew up in a tough area, excelled in football

Law grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, which wasn’t exactly the best of locations to live but has produced some exceptional talents. They’ve included Mike Ditka, Darelle Revis, and Ty Law, all of whom played at Aliquippa High School, per NH’s Union Leader.

During his time at the school, Law played multiple positions including wide receiver, running back, safety, and cornerback. The latter of these ended up as his calling card and the professional position that yielded him a Hall of Fame entry.

He ended up playing 14 seasons in the NFL, with the majority of his career spent in New England. He’d have other stints with the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, but ultimately finished out in 2009 with the Denver Broncos.

During that time, he racked up 707 solo tackles and five sacks along with 53 interceptions and seven touchdowns. He also has three Super Bowl rings on his resume, all of them coming during his time in New England.

Ty Law’s induction speech includes Dorsett

On Saturday, Law reminisced about growing up in that area and how tough it could be. He became emotional as he related to preserving through the struggles along with his mother.

She was in attendance for the big day in Canton, Ohio as Law told her: “We are in the Hall of Fame. Nobody can take that away from us. Nobody can take that away from you.”

Law also mentioned that he was inspired by a certain someone’s Heisman Trophy and Hall of Fame bust. It belonged to Tony Dorsett, who is Ty Law’s uncle.

Law said, “I went to stay the summer times with my Uncle Tony [Dorsett] in Dallas. I used to just stare at that Heisman, stare at his Hall of Fame bust, and that right there, it meant the world to me because I realized dreams do come true.”

Watch the full Ty Law NFL Hall of Fame speech from Saturday in the ESPN video below.

So those early stays with Uncle Tony in Dallas along with the trying times Ty Law experienced in Aliquippa helped shape his perspective and abilities. Just like his uncle, Ty is now amongst the legends officially enshrined with NFL Hall of Fame busts in Canton.

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