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Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings: Huge for NFL playoff standings

Aaron Rodgers Interview
Aaron Rodgers looks to lead his team deep into the NFL playoffs this year. Pic credit: GQ/YouTube

The Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings game on Monday Night Football will have an immediate impact on the NFL playoff standings. A lot is on the line for both NFC North teams.

Currently, the Packers (11-3) lead the NFC North by a game over the Vikings (10-4). The Packers also won the first head-to-head game, pulling out a 21-16 victory in Week 2.

Minnesota Vikings playoff scenarios

If the Vikings beat the Packers, and then beat the Chicago Bears and the Packers lose to the Detroit Lions in Week 17, then the Vikings win the NFC North. That division title comes with the possibility of a No. 2 seed if the New Orleans Saints also lose to the Carolina Panthers. A Saints win in this scenario puts the Vikings at No. 3.

If the Vikings win their two final regular-season games and the Packers beat the Lions, then the Vikings finish second place in the NFC North. Their Wild Card spot will then be impacted by the Seattle Seahawks. If the Seahawks lose to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17, this scenario would give the Vikings a No. 5 seed.

Why is No. 5 important? It means possibly avoiding heading to Lambeau Field to play the Packers in the first round of the playoffs. Instead, it would mean playing the winner of the NFC East (Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles).

If the Vikings lose to the Packers, they become the No. 6 seed, no matter what else takes place.

Green Bay Packers playoff scenarios

If the Packers beat the Vikings and the Lions, they improve to 13-3 on the season and secure a first-round bye in the NFL playoffs. The Packers would win the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Saints if that team were to also finish the season at 13-3.

The seeding for the Packers will come down to the Seahawks vs 49ers game. Provided the Packers win their final two games, if the Seahawks win, the Packers become the No. 1 seed. If the 49ers win, then the Packers become the No. 2 seed.

If the Packers lose one of their remaining games, they keep the No. 2 seed if the Saints lose to the Carolina Panthers, but drop to the No. 3 seed if the Saints beat the Panthers in Week 17.

If the Packers lose both of their remaining games, the team could drop all the way to the No. 6 seed. They lose head-to-head tiebreakers with the 49ers and Seahawks, so it would mean sliding further down the NFL playoff standings.

It really all comes down to taking care of business. If the Packers win their final two games, they get at least a first-round bye and a home playoff game. That’s a great playoff scenario for any team to have.

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