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Doug Gottlieb credit card theft charges: What is the story brought up by Torrey Smith amid Andrew Luck drama

Doug Gottlieb credit card theft charges
Doug Gottlieb is in the news for the wrong reasons due to old stolen credit card charges. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Admedia

Andrew Luck retired after a career full of injuries that had not allowed him to play a full season in years. The toll of constant rehab stripped his love of the game away.

While most people were wishing Luck well in his future, one talking head decided to take a shot at him and that was Doug Gottlieb, a former Oklahoma State Cowboys baseball player who is now a talk show host.

Doug Gottlieb bashes Andrew Luck

“Retiring cause rehabbing is “too hard” is the most millennial thing ever #AndrewLuck,” Gottlieb posted on Twitter.

That caused a lot of people to lash out at him, including NFL stars Troy Aikman, Mike Golic, and Torrey Smith.

That Torrey Smith comment caused a lot of people to head online and find out what Doug Gottlieb did when it came to credit cards.

Doug Gottlieb and stolen credit cards

Doug Gottlieb wrote an article for The Athletic last year and revealed a story about the time he stole some credit cards in college.

This story came at the same time that three UCLA players, including LiAngelo Ball, were arrested in China on shoplifting charges.

According to Gottlieb, this was apparently just something dumb that kids do and he clarified that by telling the story of what he did 22 years prior.

Gottlieb went to Notre Dame before he went to Oklahoma State. It was June 1996 and he played basketball there too.

He led the team in assists, steals and minutes. Despite this, Gottlieb said he was thinking about transferring and his coach knew this.

That is when he got a phone call from his coach, who told him that he heard that he was using other students’ credit cards.

Gottlieb said that his heart sunk because it was true. He said his dad told him to “fix this” and he decided to stay at Notre Dame and make things right.

Doug Gottlieb said that he called all three kids he stole from and promised to pay them back and then begged them not to turn him in due to the student honor code.

See, Gottlieb had already gone before the honor board for plagiarism charges. One of the students refused to keep it quiet and Notre Dame said he had to go, although he said they allowed him to claim a transfer to keep it quiet.

It was great that Doug Gottlieb came clean about the incident 22 years later, but Torrey Smith was telling someone not to throw stones at Andrew Luck if they live in a glass house as well.

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