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Detroit Lions 2020 NFL Draft picks: Updated selections reach nine following Duron Harmon acquisition, Darius Slay trade

Bob Quinn
Lions GM Bob Quinn has a lot of selections in the 2020 NFL Draft. Pic credit: Detroit Lions/YouTube

The Detroit Lions have picked up a lot of players during free agency this offseason.

Now, after making a few trades, including the big Darius Slay deal to Philadelphia, the Lions have stockpiled their draft selections up to nine for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.

Win or else for Quinn?

Detroit Lions General Manager Bob Quinn knows he is on the hot seat this season. That being said, we should still give Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia a semi-pass for last season. Why?

Because when you don’t have your star $100 million quarterback for half of the season and have running backs seemingly made out of glass (not including Bo Scarbrough, who has possible beast mode inside of him) it is not a fair assessment of a team trying to improve.

Nevertheless, excuses don’t fly in sports. You need to win or times get tough. That is exactly where the Lions stand right now in terms of Quinn and Matty P. – win or else.

With some solid pickups in free agency and a lot of options with nine selections in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, including the No. 3 overall pick and three selections within the first 67, Detroit has options to listen to any and all offers from other clubs.

Lions’ nine selections

If you have any magic for later round picks, Bob Quinn, this is the year to find them.

The Lions picked up three additional draft picks this offseason to improve their selections from six overall to nine.

Detroit added two picks from the Eagles in the Darius Slay trade, and one in the deal with New England when the Lions acquired the Duron Harmon trade from the Patriots.

While the focus will, of course, be on which player Detroit selects at No. 3 overall, the true test is who they pick up in the second and third rounds.

Detroit has four selections in the first 85 overall picks. That is a lot considering this year’s draft is setting up to be a nice one.

Even more eye-opening is the fact the Lions have two picks in the first 35 selections.

Will GM Bob Quinn knock it out of the park with his nine picks in the 2020 NFL draft, or will the fans end up saying it’s the “same old Lions” next fall?

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 23-25.

Here are the Lions’ draft picks by round for the 2020 campaign.

  • First round: Pick 3
  • Second round: Pick 3 (35 overall)
  • Third round: Pick 3 (67 overall)
  • Third round: Pick 21 (85 overall via Philly)
  • Fourth round: Pick 3 (109 overall)
  • Fifth round: Pick 3 (149 overall)
  • Fifth round: Pick 20 (166 overall via Philly)
  • Sixth round: Pick 3 (182 overall)
  • Seventh round: Pick 21 (235 overall from Philly via Patriots)

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