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Dallas Cowboys sign receiver Amari Cooper to a monster contract

Dallas Cowboys sign receiver Amari Cooper to a monster contract
Amari Cooper has signed a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Pic credit: Skip & Shannon: Undisputed/YouTube

When the Dallas Cowboys traded away a first-round NFL draft pick to the then Los Angeles Raiders for Amari Cooper, they believed that he was worth more than whoever they could get in the draft.

The only problem was that they had to keep Amari Cooper after his contract expired. Free agency started today, so the Cowboys had a small window.

They achieved that goal and did it in a big way.

Dallas Cowboys sign Amari Cooper

Earlier today, the Dallas Cowboys assigned Dak Prescott the franchise tag. This was because, even after offering to pay him more than $30 million a season, with over $100 million guaranteed, Dak hasn’t signed a deal yet.

Amari Cooper hadn’t signed yet either, but that all changed today.

With Prescott given the franchise tag, the Cowboys moved on to sign Cooper.

ESPN reports that the contract is a big one for a wide receiver, with Dallas paying Cooper $100 million over five seasons with $60 million guaranteed.

In 2019, Amari Cooper caught 79 receptions for 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns. He made it to the Pro Bowl for the fourth time in his career.

Plus, Cooper is only 26 years old. With Ezekiel Elliott only 24 and Dak Prescott 26 (if they end up signing him to a long-term deal), the Cowboys offensive playmakers might have just opened a big window for championship aspirations.

Fans of the Cowboys probably remember the last time they broke the bank for a wide receiver. It was Dez Bryant, who then flopped immediately after receiving his money.

Cowboys fans have to hope that history does not repeat itself with Amari Cooper.

What is next for Dallas Cowboys?

The next step for the Dallas Cowboys is to sign Dak Prescott.

The franchise tag that they placed on him today was just the first step in getting him signed to a new deal. It will cost Dallas between $30 million and $33 million if Dak does not sign a new deal by July 15.

Even if the Cowboys do sign him, they have already offered a contract with an average yearly pay rate of $33 million, so the franchise tag is no different.

What is different is that Dak Prescott might not be happy playing on a one-year deal with no guarantees. The Cowboys want to keep Prescott happy and preferably get their three offensive weapons locked up, along with their offensive linemen.

That is a lot of money, and then the Cowboys would just need to focus on some defensive needs, including replacing Byron Jones at cornerback after he left in free agency to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

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