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Dallas Cowboys open free agency by placing franchise tag on Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys open free agency by placing franchise tag on Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott receives the franchise tag from the Dallas Cowboys. Pic credit: Sports Productions/YouTube

The Dallas Cowboys have been working on getting a new contract for quarterback Dak Prescott for the past few months,

However, with NFL free agency starting today, they ran out of time and had no choice. ESPN reported that the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Prescott to keep him from becoming a free agent.

Dak Prescott: Dallas Cowboys’ franchise tag

The Dallas Cowboys had no choice.

With Dak Prescott and his agents not signing any deal that the Cowboys offered him, Dallas has to place the franchise tag on him or he would have become a free agent.

Dallas couldn’t afford to lose Prescott in free agency.

It is not clear what it keeping the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott from coming to an agreement. They now have until July 15 to work out a long-term contract or Prescott will be under contract with the franchise tag in 2020.

The only time in NFL history an NFL quarterback did not work out a long-term deal after receiving the franchise tag was Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins.

The difference is that the Redskins never really wanted to sign Cousins to a long-term deal and the Cowboys want to sign Prescott badly — but not at the expense of losing other key players to make up that money.

The franchise tag will pay Dak Prescott between $30 to $33 million, which will hurt Dallas when it comes to signing free agents this summer.

According to the New York Post, Dallas last offered Prescott a deal with an average salary of $33 million and $105 million guaranteed. That would make him one of the five highest-paid players in the NFL.

Dak Prescott rejected that offer.

What is next for Prescott and Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are very likely to sign Dak Prescott once they figure out the details.

If Prescott demands a giant sum of money, the Cowboys could be forced to give up on some of his offensive weapons, including Amari Cooper. There is a salary cap.

Last year, the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott had a contract stalemate, although Elliott was still under contract for one year. He held out and likely cost the Cowboys a playoff spot as a result.

Dallas signed him to a six-year deal worth $90 million — $50 million guaranteed.

In 2015, Dallas gave Dez Bryant the franchise tag and then signed him to a five-year deal worth $70 million before the July 15 deadline. In 2018 and 2019, they put the franchise tag on DeMarcus Lawrence and signed him after the second tag to a five-year, $105 million deal.