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Baker Mayfield handshake video with 49ers may disprove Richard Sherman’s snub claim

richard sherman and baker mayfield meet before the mnf game coin toss
Did Richard Sherman and Baker Mayfield shake hands ahead of the MNF game? Pic credit: ESPN 

On Tuesday, a reported handshake snub by Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was making headlines after the San Francisco 49ers routed them 31-3. The snub was reportedly towards 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who made a big deal about it later.

However, a Baker Mayfield handshake video has emerged, which seems to dispute what Sherman tried to say about the Browns’ sophomore play-caller. Here’s what Sherman had to say, and the new potential evidence in the case of the allegedly snubbed cornerback.

Sherman sounds off about Mayfield handshake snub

Each and every NFL game includes several of the two teams’ players meeting at the center of the field to show sportsmanship ahead of the game. That comes just before a coin toss to decide who’s kicking and receiving.

Apparently, reports came in regarding a “lack of respect” from Mayfield towards his opponent during that moment ahead of the Monday Night Football matchup. It went on to fuel the 49ers, based on what Richard Sherman said in his post-game comments.

Comments captured from Sherman seemed to indicate that he and his teammates used Baker Mayfield’s handshake snub as their motivation in Monday night’s defensive intensity. He called Mayfield’s reported antics before the game “bush league stuff, that’s disrespectful to the game.”

Sherman also referred to it as “NFL etiquette” to shake hands. He also said, “Respect the game. You can have rivals, but pay your respect in the moment — especially when you’re young.”

Here’s a look at more of what Sherman said about the pre-game “incident” he said occurred.

As seen in the comments above, Sherman said seeing a guy who doesn’t show respect in the moments such as the pre-game handshakes means humbling him during the matchup. That seemed to be what happened, as San Francisco embarrassed the second-year QB.

Mayfield had a rough night as he was sacked four times for a loss of 42 yards and picked off twice. He ended up going just 8-for-22 to get 100 yards with no touchdowns thrown in the loss.

New Baker Mayfield handshake video with 49ers

A video tweeted out by Jake Trotter on Tuesday afternoon shows some of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers players meeting at midfield ahead of the coin toss.

In the video, it’s impossible to see Richard Sherman and Baker Mayfield’s hands because of how the angle is. That said, it appears the two players possibly made some sort of hand and eye contact with one another. Sherman appears to say a few things too. The video (below) also includes a close-up and slow-motion look at the two NFL stars.

The above video seems to cast doubt on what Sherman is claiming as there appeared to be some sort of handshake between the two players there. However, Sherman’s claims led to plenty of sports analysts berating Baker Mayfield. That included ESPN’s First Take, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and FS1’s Shannon Sharpe (seen below).

As of this report, there was no comment from either the Cleveland Browns, or their quarterback Baker Mayfield, but the backlash has been strong. Did Richard Sherman invent the story? Was there some sort of non-shake that looked like one from behind Mayfield’s back? The OU and Browns QB’s biggest supporters are hoping that the truth will emerge because a damaged reputation can lead to more issues on and off the field.

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