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Antonio Brown NFL return? AB reveals where he would love to play in 2020

Antonio Brown
Will Antonio Brown return to the NFL in 2020? Pic credit: Touchdown Central/YouTube

It feels like we have seen this movie before, yet here we are once again. Somehow, someway, after all of the ups and downs with players and coaches face-to-face and on social media, Antonio Brown wants one more shot at playing in the NFL.

Antonio Brown 2020 return?

While Antonio Brown remains a free agent, after all that he has said about numerous players and coaches around the league over the past year or so, does he really have a chance to make a comeback?

We all know that the talent is there but is the real desire to commit to a full season of action there as well?

Brown once again insists he is ready to hit the gridiron and be productive if a team will grant him that opportunity. Now the question is which team is willing to do so after his season-long tirade against so many in the NFL.

Brown reveals his team of choice

If Antonio Brown does have a master plan to get back in the NFL, he may have started to get the ball rolling on Friday.

According to a Clutch Points report, Brown made an appearance on the Mike Calta Show on Friday to share his hopes of returning to the NFL in 2020.

While the interview went well, not many will believe Brown when he says he has changed his ways and that he is “excited to get back to football if given the opportunity.”

Of course, the question everyone knew was coming finally did. Brown was asked where he’d want to play next season — especially after Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I’d be really grateful if I had the opportunity to play in Tampa Bay, to play anywhere,” Brown said. “Obviously to play with Tom Brady would be an extreme honor. You know his quality of leadership. You know the want to win. Anytime you can be around a guy like that, man, it’s an extreme honor. You know you’re going to have opportunity to do something exciting.”

It will be interesting to see if the Bucs or any team will give AB a shot in 2020.

Who knows, maybe Tampa would give Brown a look over. After all, head coach Bruce Arians has the reputation of being a player’s coach — but he also won’t put up with any nonsense, no matter who the player is.

Brown’s slow demise began almost a year ago when the Steelers dealt him to the Oakland — now Las Vegas — Raiders.

When Brown arrived in Oakland, things went from bad to worse, quickly. The strife between Brown and Raiders’ management became so bad that he was released before he even played a game for the silver and black.

Following his release from Oakland, Brown landed in NFL bliss with the New England Patriots.

In what turned out to be his one and only game in the Patriots’ red, white, and blue, Brown caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown from Brady.

The Patriots parted ways with AB later that week as sexual-assault allegations began to surface.

Will the two reunite in Tampa? Don’t be surprised if the Bucs give it a shot.

While waiting for the league to return, fans can also enjoy the NFL League Pass for free.

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