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Andrew Luck tires slashed: Fan allegedly cuts QB’s tires after retirement announcement

Were Andrew Luck’s tires slashed? Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

Did a fan slash Andrew Luck’s tires following his NFL retirement announcement? It seems there are conflicting stories about this alleged incident.

Andrew Luck’s tires slashed?

Andrew Luck brought Indianapolis Colts’ fans hundreds of great memories in his seven seasons as the starting quarterback. However, since announcing his retirement, fans have booed and jeered Luck and called him out on sports talk shows. Did he also have his tires slashed?

Sadly, stranger things have happened between fans and athletes. You know how it goes. Take LeBron James, for example. One minute LeBron James leaves Cleveland and everything donning his named is shredded, set on fire, or just mocked by fans throughout Ohio.

Four years later, he returns, and the lovefest begins all over again.

After fans seemed to turn on Luck, is it possible that one of them took things too far and slashed his tires? This rumor appears to be picking up steam but has yet to be fully verified.

How this all got started

So how did this slashed tire rumor get started and when will we know if it really happened? Reportedly, a tweet involving a car dealership surfaced Monday afternoon.

That tweet indicated that a Colts fan or fans slashed the tires of their now-former QB out of spite for him retiring days before the season began.

The tweet was then corroborated by a verified source saying he received the information from another separate source.

Time will tell if this incident took place. If it did, and they find the person who did it, he will undoubtedly be facing some hefty fines and or penalties.

While crazy fan reactions aren’t anything new to the sports world, fans need to be respectful. To do damage to an athletes property because he is leaving the game on his terms is way over the line.

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