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Oklahoma wagon crash video: See Sooner Schooner tip over during scary college football incident

the sooner schooner tips over during an on field touchdown celebration
The Oklahoma Sooner Schooner took a scary fall during Saturday’s football game. Pic credit: FOX Sports College Football screencap

An Oklahoma wagon crash arrived during Saturday’s college football action as viewers watched the team’s mascot take a bad turn. That provided a scary view for fans watching from the stands or on television who saw the incident.

Here’s what went down during the NCAA game and a look at the different videos that arrived.

Video shows Sooner Schooner tip over during game

The No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners were dominating the Mountaineers in their Big 12 matchup on Saturday afternoon. Most of that was courtesy of star quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Here he is with a sweet rushing TD into the end zone. As of this report, Hurt had two rushing TDs and another he threw to a teammate. The Sooners star was once again in prime form.

Each time the Oklahoma Sooners score a home touchdown, their Sooner Schooner wagon does an on-field lap. It’s a tradition with members of the RUF/NEKS spirit team rushing on-field and running the lap along with it.

The RUF/NEKS queen is seated as a passenger alongside the wagon driver.

After scoring the fourth touchdown in their game against West Virginia, they brought the Oklahoma wagon drawn by two horses. However, something went amok as the Schooner went to turn on the field and it crashed.

Here’s a quick clip showing the Oklahoma wagon crash as it tips over on the field.

Other GIF video footage arrived from Yahoo! Sports in which there are more angles shown from the Sooner Schooner’s crash. The Sooner Schooner went down after pulling out of the endzone and attempting to make a turn.

In one video, RUF/NEKS queen who was on board the wagon is seen flying from the Schooner and tumbling on the field.

Luckily, there were plenty of people nearby to help out after the incident struck and of course nearby staff trained for any injury assistance. A later video arrived courtesy of FOX College Football.

As shown in the video, the turf was torn up a bit during the incident and individuals had to carry parts of the wagon off the field as the horses were checked on.

A sideline reporter gave the update that a wheel apparently got stuck on the field which may have been somewhat slick from rain. There was also good news that there were no injuries during the incident just some “shaken up faces.”

Oklahoma Sooner Schooner history

The Sooner Schooner has served as an official mascot for University since 1964 when the team played USC and lost by 25 points. While most teams’ mascots are exaggerated versions of their team names such as Cowboys, Gators, or Bulldogs, the Sooner Schooner is a different sort of mascot.

It requires being able to steer and worrying that the horses at the front won’t get out of control. For the most part, they’ve seemed to get the job done over the years. The two white horses in front are named Boomer and Sooner.

By the way, this wasn’t the first time the Sooner Schooner has crashed. Back in the 1993 Sooners game versus Colorado, it went too sharp around a corner and tipped over. That threw driver/flag bearer and RUF/NEK queen onto the football field.

As of this story update, the Oklahoma Sooners had a 52-14 lead over West Virginia in their matchup.

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