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NCAA likeness rule: Is EA Sports NCAA football game coming back for a 2020 return?

Donovan Peoples-Jones
Is a new NCAA Football game on the way? Pic credit: Quán Trà Sữa 168/YouTube

Here we go! Some big news is breaking in college sports and many fans think it is about time. According to ESPN, “The NCAA’s top decision-makers voted unanimously Tuesday to start the process of modifying its rule to allow college athletes to profit from their names, images and likenesses ‘in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.'”

This paves the way for athletes to possibly start making money off of their names, images, and likenesses, which could even lead to the return of products like the NCAA football and basketball games sometime in the future. Ultimately, getting paid is still a bit down the road, but a step has been made in the right direction.

A happy medium

This is long overdue and something college athletes deserve. For years many ex-athletes have said college players should get paid, especially the basketball and football players who help generate millions for the university they represent.

In reality, a salary for all athletes just isn’t possible. After all, not only are the athletes getting a great — and free — education, how would schools determine a pay scale? It is just not feasible.

Players today get plenty of perks that the players of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s did not. That being said, having an athlete earn money for sales of jerseys and other products is more than fair. These kids deserve some extra cash.

A flat-out salary for the players? No. Earning from hundreds of other avenues? Yes! Finally, the NCAA got it right!

NCAA football video game returning?

Almost immediately following this announcement, college football fans started blowing up Twitter with the hope that an NCAA college football game would return.

The last time there was a real college football game that gamers and football fans could enjoy was EA Sports’ NCAA 14. After ESPN teased this tweet, fans were already demanding on social media for the game to return.

This would be huge for not just the players making a few extra bucks, but if done correctly, the college teams involved could make some nice money for the schools as well.

While the popular NFL video game, Madden 20, is a best-seller, fans would love a college game too. Right now, Madden 20 includes 10 college teams in their QB1 Franchise mode, but they don’t have any current NCAA roster players.

Madden 20’s NCAA teams are Florida, Miami, Oregon, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, USC, Texas, Florida State, Clemson, and LSU. None of the teams have the real players that are on the gridiron this season.

Sports gamers everywhere are holding their breath in hopes that the new NCAA likeness rule will quickly lead to an old favorite — an updated version of the popular NCAA football video game!

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