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Why it makes no sense to ask who’s to blame for Kevin Durant’s injury

Why it makes no sense to ask who's to blame for Kevin Durant's injury
Kevin Durant suffered a terrible injury in the NBA Finals. Pic credit: @ImageCollect / Admedia

When you’re an NBA fan, how you feel in the morning depends on which team won the night before — if your team won, you’re still fist-pumping, and the other team won, who wants to talk about that?

This morning the conversation is raging on all sides after last night’s injury to Golden State’s Kevin Durant, with everyone asking the same question: who’s to blame for K.D.’s injury?

In case you missed it (major surgery might be the only good excuse), the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant returned to play in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors.

He had been out for over 30 days with what was called a calf injury, though many believed it was actually an Achilles tear. During that time innuendo and rumor swirled — was he really injured, or just holding out?

After an explosive start, Durant went down in the second quarter clutching his right calf, and Warriors officials think that today’s MRI will confirm that the superstar has an Achilles tear.

At the moment no one is analyzing what was a thrilling one-point playoff win. Fans, the media, players, even medical doctors, are on TV, tweeting, and calling into radio talk shows to rant about who’s responsible for K.D.’s injury.

What the heck? After last night’s game, Golden State general manager Bob Myers took the mic and took the blame for K.D.’s injury. Sobbing and visibly shaken, Myers said, “I don’t believe there is anybody to blame … and if you have to you can blame me ….”

Maybe this is where the blame game began. But it has spiraled way out of control. Bombastic ex-NBA star Charles Barkley went on record saying, “I blame the Warriors for K.D. getting hurt.”

One sports radio show aired the ranting of a medical doctor who faulted the medical staff treating K.D., saying they are now liable for malpractice.

Even with medical clearance, the decision to play was made by Kevin Durant. Is it his fault he got hurt? Don’t be ridiculous. We’d never say that and yet the finger pointing and second guessing are running rampant as if blaming someone will make a horrible situation better.

There’s one person responsible for making the choice to play last night, and that’s K.D. Is he to blame for his injury? Of course not. There’s a fine line between responsibility and blame.

Maybe because it’s easier to villainize others than it is to feel the agony of defeat, everyone is going bonkers about who’s responsible for what amounts to an accident. Which is why it makes no sense to play the blame game, a sport in which no one wins and everyone loses.

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