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Watch as Russell Westbrook, Trey Lyles splash beer in Rockets crowd leaving a fan irritated

trey lyles splashes a fans beer as he tries to get the ball back
The Spurs’ Trey Lyles spills a fan’s beer while trying to retrieve the ball at the Rockets game. Pic credit: @BarstoolSports/Twitter

Monday night’s NBA schedule included a home game for the Houston Rockets. The visitors were the San Antonio Spurs featuring Trey Lyles.

He’s not necessarily a household name, but he may make a few headlines after he attempted to get the ball as it was stuck in the front row seats at the game.

Watch as Trey Lyles spills lady’s beer in the crowd

Let’s face it, alcoholic beverages at sporting events aren’t cheap. Unfortunately, those who purchase said alcoholic beverages and sit close to the field or court of play are within harm’s way.

A player can come crashing into the front row during a basketball game as they try to make a save. Or the ball can inadvertently be directed into the crowd.

That’s what initially happened as the Rockets’ Russell Westbrook thought he was making a pass to a moving teammate. That teammate wasn’t on the same page, and the ball ended up going into the first few rows of the side court area.

That’s when Trey Lyles gets involved. The 6-foot-9 Spurs’ forward went over to retrieve the ball, which must’ve gotten jammed in between some seats. As Lyles tries to pop the basketball up from underneath, it ends up causing a lady’s beer to spill.

Check out the video below as it happens.

By the way, another video shows that on Westbrook’s turnover, the ball hit into the crowd and made an even bigger splash. So both Westbrook and Lyles were involved in some beer splashing fun.

Here’s an alternate view of what happened with Westbrook’s pass and Lyles’ ball retrieval. Notice that Westbrook’s pass causes the beer to splash onto two other fans sitting up close.

The one fan is visibly irritated after it happens the second time, with Lyles and the cameras much closer.

One would hope that she and the others might be reimbursed for the mishap, although, as mentioned, sitting up close brings some expectation that accidents like this might occur.

Lyles, who has been in the league since 2015, is making over $5 million in salary, per Spotrac. Westbrook makes a lot more. The Houston Rockets are also worth a bit of money. There’s no reason they can’t make up for the mishap. However, many people will see this as accidental.

In another recent sporting event involving fans and beer, the Baltimore Ravens’ Marcus Peters was fined after he jumped into the stands to celebrate by drinking a fan’s beer. It cost Peters over $14,000 for the beer.

The people involved in the Trey Lyles’ beer incident may have been Houston Rockets fans, so the Spurs were the enemy in this situation. The good news for them is that Houston delivered a win, 109-107, on their homecourt.

Westbrook finished with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists. Lyles had just eight points and four boards in the loss, as well as dealing with that irritated fan courtside.

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