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Utah Jazz stars Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert get coronavirus recovery updates

utah jazz star rudy gobert
Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player reported to have a positive test for coronavirus. Pic credit: abc4utah/YouTube

Just over two weeks ago, the NBA had its first reported case of a player having a positive test for coronavirus with Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz.

Not even a day later, his Utah teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for coronavirus, ahead of several other NBA players in the following days.

Now, as of Friday, both players and the Jazz team have received health updates as the NBA season remains suspended.

Utah Jazz coronavirus recovery update

An ESPN report indicates that all Utah Jazz players, as well as the team’s staff, have been cleared by the Utah Department of Health.

The news comes following all of the Jazz staff and players remaining in strict isolation or quarantine situations.

While the Utah Department of Health indicated that the Jazz players and staff no longer pose a risk of infecting others, the team and staff will continue to practice the suggested guidelines that are in place from the NBA and CDC.

Gobert appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on March 16 and said he had no symptoms after being tested positive. Even after isolation, he didn’t have any signs that he was suffering from an illness.

All-Star teammate Donovan Mitchell updated fans soon after his initial report that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and indicated he was doing well.

He’s since appeared online to participate in NBA 2K20 games as part of his quarantine too.

On Friday afternoon, Mitchell also gave a message for everyone to continue to be safe while the pandemic is going on.

There were previous reports that Gobert acted carelessly around the Jazz locker room and with his teammates.

In addition, he went viral in a video clip that showed him jokingly touching microphones and audio recording devices on a table at a media session. That occurred before he tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, the NBA All-Star has gone on to issue an apology and also donated $500,000 to help out with various coronavirus relief efforts.

Other NBA players, teams dealing with coronavirus

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were the first two of several NBA players who tested positive, though.

Just days after the news of the Utah Jazz players came the news that the Detroit Pistons’ Christian Wood had also tested positive.

Wood was involved in an NBA game against Gobert and the Jazz. There was a recent update from Wood’s agent that he was going to make a full recovery and be cleared Thursday.

Meanwhile, NBA superstar Kevin Durant also tested positive, despite not being an active participate in games.

He was one of three Brooklyn Nets to have a positive test, with the other three members of the team unidentified in the reports.

The Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart was the only other identified NBA player to have a positive test for COVID-19.

Additionally, two members of the Lakers, several members of the Philadelphia 76ers’ organization, and a member of the Denver Nuggets’ organization tested positive.

Despite players being cleared and receiving clean bills of health, they’ll now try to stay in shape in case the NBA decides to resume the season.

That could happen in June if things work out in favor of Adam Silver and the league.

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