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Trevor Ariza reveals what he said to Trae Young after nutmeg attempt

trevor ariza and trae young during nba game
Portland’s Trevor Ariza has words for Atlanta’s Trae Young after “nutmeg” attempt. Pic credit: NBA

During Saturday’s Trail Blazers vs. Hawks game in Atlanta, All-Star guard Trae Young attempted to nutmeg his opponent Trevor Ariza.

However, the NBA veteran wasn’t having any of it as he ended up checking the smaller guard on the attempted move. It also led to a heated moment with Ariza having words for Young after the foul.

Ariza later revealed what he told Trae Young about trying that on him during a game.

Young attempts to show off against Trevor Ariza

Over halfway through the third quarter, the Atlanta Hawks were holding a 16-point lead on the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. Trae Young got the ball as his team moved it up the court. When Young got near the top of the three-point line he noticed an opening.

To get into the paint, he’d need to blow by Trevor Ariza. In an attempt to do that with some fancy showmanship, Young tried to bounce the ball between Ariza’s legs so he could get past him for a move.

Ariza immediately checked Young as if it was an NHL game. That brought about the referee’s whistle, and Ariza earned himself a flagrant foul for the intentional physical contact.

Ariza reveals what he told Young about nutmeg attempt

Not only did Ariza shove Young after the All-Star’s attempt to embarrass him, but he also had some choice words for the second-year NBA player. His message to Young came after the game which the Trail Blazers lost 129-117.

“I told him, ‘Don’t do that s–t again; not to me at least. I’ve never made an All-Defensive team or none of that s**t, and he’s an All-Star, so he can be creative by ways to get around me. But all the, like, funnies? I’m not with the funnies. I don’t like the funnies,” Ariza told the media.

Trevor Ariza’s been in the league for 16 years now and spent time on several different rosters. So he’s faced plenty of different players over that time. He also admitted after the game he’s never had that move pulled on him.

“I ain’t been nutmegged, period. I’ve been crossed over, I’ve been dunked on, there’s been a lot of s**t. Those are basketball plays. But that’s … I mean, I guess it’s legal,” Ariza said.

Young finished with 25 points and 15 assists. He referred to the nutmeg move and exchange with Ariza as “nothing” and “competitiveness.” Ariza also admitted it was “not a big deal.”

Still, it’s clear that Trevor Ariza isn’t a fan of the new school tactics that players like Trae Young use and he wasn’t about to be showed up. In a new era of basketball which involves shots from halfcourt and players showing off clever finesse moves, there are still players who yearn for those days of old school basketball.

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