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Stephen Curry nude pics allegedly leaked online, Twitter reacts to NBA star trending

golden state warriors star stephen curry speaks to the media
The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry speaks to the media. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry began to trend on Twitter on Friday which led to plenty of people seeing his name and hoping it might mean a return to the court again.

Unfortunately, it was due to Stephen Curry’s nude photos allegedly being leaked online, as the two-time NBA MVP and multiple-time champion continues to recover from injury.

As expected, Twitter members began to post their reactions to Curry’s unfortunate situation.

Stephen Curry pics allegedly leak online

So what’s all the chatter about the Warriors star on Twitter for? According to one report, the Stephen Curry nude pics that recently leaked show the basketball star’s “private parts on full display.”

Most websites including this one aren’t re-posting the leaks to respect Curry’s privacy. He’s the latest celebrity to suffer the fate of leaked private content.

As mentioned, rapper A$AP Rocky had a similar situation happen recently with an alleged sex tape going online.

On Friday, a report arrived with Curry’s agent suggesting that the photos circulating online are “absolutely” not of Stephen Curry.

Curry hasn’t posted anything on his Twitter account regarding the leaks. Instead, his most recent post involves a quick video clip he posted of a visit to Tokyo this summer.

Curry posted the same video to his Instagram two days ago.

As far as Steph’s actually injury situation, the Warriors guard is out until at least February after having a second surgery on his left hand two weeks ago.

That procedure was to remove the screws placed in Curry’s hand in the initial procedure he had. So now Golden State will wait until February 2020 for his evaluation, per Shams Charania.

Based on the Warriors’ record of 5-24 so far this season, it’s possible they may keep Curry off the court. So he may escape the taunting from opponents and arenas during road games, for now.

Twitter reacts to Curry trending for leaked pics

While Curry recovers from injury, this leaked pics arrive. Some believe it’s real, and others aren’t buying it.

However, curiosity got to plenty of Twitter members as they started to find out exactly why the name Stephen Curry was trending on Twitter. Many were a bit surprised when they saw it was due to his nude photos leaking, as they were unable to avoid seeing them.

Some Twitter members were actively pursuing the pictures, but it apparently took some work due to the rest of the Stephen Curry tweets.

Others played up the idea that the Curry nude pics were leaked mostly to help out A$AP Rocky.

Then there were others who joked that Curry’s wife might be upset when she saw why her husband was trending, but not for the reason one might suspect.

Another Twitter member summed up the last few days pretty accurately for what’s been trending online.

With just over 10 days left until 2020, one has to wonder what the next big scandal will be that grips Twitter and the rest of the online world.

Luckily for Curry, he’s likely to survive this one, but it may allow opponents some fresh trash-talking material for whenever he’s back to playing again.

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