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Sam Cassell and Robert Horry deaths untrue despite Kenny Smith remarks

Kenny Smith says Sam Casell is dead
Kenny Smith says Sam Cassell and Robert Horry are rolling in their graves. Pic credit: TNT/YouTube

Kenny Smith raised eyebrows during an Inside the NBA on TNT segment. The panel discussed whether the Toronto Raptors passed up too many shots in the too close for comfort 92-90 Game Seven win over Philadelphia 76ers.

Smith insisted that the Raptors should have taken more shots.

The former NBA star turned analyst then said Sam Cassell is “rolling over his grave” in references to the shots passed up during the game against the Raptors and the pundit said the same of Robert Horry leading many fans to think the retired basketball stars have passed away.

It appears the former basketball star, who is a friend and former teammate of Sam Cassell, used the wrong figure of speech.

Sam Cassell and Robert Horry are still alive. Both of the former NBA stars were trending last night as they were feared dead following the Inside the NBA segment, which you can watch below.

Many fans were left bemused at Kenny Smith for using the wrong figure of speech when discussing the former NBA stars.

Charles Barkley criticized the team for turning down wide open shots while Shaq defended Leonard — stating that he did enough to secure the win.

Kawhi Leonard put up the winning shot at the buzzer for the Raptors against the 76ers in dramatic fashion as the ball bound off the rim multiple times before going through the hoop.

Leonard scored 41 points while taking 39 shots, which the panel criticized.

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