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Raptors coronavirus test update: Players and staff test results return negative for COVID-19

pascal siakam of toronto raptors
The Toronto Raptors were tested for COVID-19 due to playing against Rudy Gobert and the Jazz. Pic credit: NBA Africa

It’s been a whirlwind of a past week in the sports world due to the coronavirus outbreak forcing the suspension of league seasons or cancelation of college tournaments.

A lot of that happened after positive test results came in for the NBA’s Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz. His positive test was followed by his teammate Donovan Mitchell also testing positive for COVID-19.

Now, reports have arrived with regards to one of the teams they played within the past 10 days, as a Toronto Raptors coronavirus test update has come in.

Raptors players and staff tested for coronavirus

Once it was learned that both Gobert and Mitchell had coronavirus, it started to bring swift actions to combat any more spread of it. That included checking on the teams that had played against Utah in the past 10 days. The most recent team the Jazz played against was Toronto.

The Jazz took on the Raptors in a game on Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah. Toronto came away with a 101-92 win in the game.

However, the bigger story now is the fact that it was the last game the Jazz’s Rudy Gobert played in before his positive COVID-19 test. Gobert played 32 minutes and finished just 1-for-4 with six points, four rebounds, and two steals.

The news that Gobert had tested positive arrived this past Wednesday and caused the Jazz vs. Thunder game to be postponed. Soon after, the NBA suspended the season. A day later, Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell confirmed he had COVID-19 as well.

Gobert and Mitchell were the only two players on the Jazz team to test positive for coronavirus.

Upon knowing that the two Jazz All-Stars were confirmed to have coronavirus, it meant all of the Raptors players and travel staff got tested as well. That all started immediately on Wednesday night.

Toronto tests come back negative, still in isolation

According to ESPN’s report, all of the Toronto Raptors players and travel party from that game in Utah had their tests come back negative. That’s good news for the team and all those they came into contact with.

The team’s statement (via Twitter below) said that individuals that were advised to stay in isolation for 14 days will continue to do so as recommended by Toronto Public Health. The statement also went on to echo the sentiments about how to prevent the spreading of the virus including the practices of washing hands and social distancing.

The NBA season was put on hiatus as of this past Wednesday, with some people speculating that it was the end of the regular season. A postseason could still take place at a later time, but based on comments from NBA commissioner Adam Silver, the league’s going to be on at least a 30-day hiatus.

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