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Nicole Curran Beyonce moment brings Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s wife death threats

jay-z beyonce and nicole curran at 2019 NBA finals game 2
An NBA Finals moment involving, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Nicole Curran went viral after Game 2. Pic credit: ABC

A Nicole Curran Beyonce moment arrived at Wednesday night’s NBA Finals Game 2 in Oakland, California. While at first, it was a playful highlight and meme, that moment has since blown up to much more.

Now the wife of Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob has deactivated a social media account in response to threats.

What happened with Nicole Curran and Beyonce?

While hip-hop star Drake wasn’t present for the courtside viewing of Wednesday evening’s matchup, Jay-Z and Beyonce were. The hip-hop power couple was front row to watch as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors, 123-109.

Beyonce was seated right next to Nicole Curran. She’s the 47-year-old wife of Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob.

As the game was going on, apparently Curran struck up a conversation with Bey’s husband Jay-Z. That convo seemed to irritate the R&B diva who shot a sideways look at her.

The video footage below shows a close up of what went down.

Curran said when she got home later she learned that something was up, as she was getting texts and social media messages from friends.

She later told ESPN NBA insider Ramona Shelburne that there was no hostility between her and Beyonce.

She mentioned that she asked Jay and Beyonce if they wanted anything to drink. She had to lean over to hear what Jay-Z was saying over the crowd noise.

“I was trying to be a good hostess,” Curran said.

Curran deleted her Instagram over harsh threats

The viral nature of the internet brought the full fury towards Nicole Curran over the Beyonce side-eye video, photo, and memes.

The Warriors owner’s wife said she was being “cyber-bullied” over what happened and even received death threats from some of Beyonce’s fans.

Curran, who reportedly was in tears, told Shelburne, “I’ve never experienced cyberbullying like this.” She added, “I can’t believe our players go through this. That kids go through this.”

It all forced Curran to deactivate her Instagram account due to the harassment and threats coming her way. However, before she deleted the account she posted a positive message, “We should all help and support each other.”

The Warriors take on the Raptors for Game 4 of the series on Friday night beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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