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NBA draft lottery simulator, ESPN draft lottery machine get fans involved in the action

Ja Morant is expected to be one of the first players selected in the 2019 NBA Draft
Ja Morant is expected to be one of the first players selected in the 2019 NBA Draft. Pic credit: ESPN

An NBA draft lottery simulator and the ESPN draft lottery machine provide a lot of entertainment for fans wanting to get involved in the action. The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery takes place today, so fans, analysts, and teams have been predicting how it will all turn out.

The 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs this year have each been assigned a slot in the lottery. According to the schedule for the event, the league and team representatives will reveal the final 2019 NBA Draft order on Tuesday night.

Before that all takes place, fans can enjoy an NBA draft lottery sim or the ESPN draft lottery machine to simulate the results.

What is an NBA draft lottery simulator?

Real GM is a basketball site that has provided a 2019 NBA Draft sim for fans to try out. Using the official NBA draft lottery odds that were revealed by the league, the site will simulate the order of the first 14 picks.

It’s a quick process to play with the 2019 NBA Draft simulator, where fans of the New York Knicks, L.A. Lakers, Chicago Bulls, or Boston Celtics can fantasize about landing the No. 1 overall selection. With a player like Zion Williamson at stake, it makes this a huge event in the world of basketball.

If you want to take a look at how things could turn out on Tuesday night, try out an NBA draft lottery sim and play with it until the team you cheer for has that No. 1 pick.

What is the ESPN draft lottery machine?

The ESPN draft lottery machine is something that not only allows fans to simulate the order, but to pretend that they are the general managers of each franchise. The site allows fans to select which players are going to be drafted by each team and to carry out a 2019 mock draft.

The site appeared to be having some problems on Tuesday morning (May 14), where the top 45 prospects (as ranked by Chad Ford) are available, but the order of selection has reverted back to the 2014 NBA Draft.

Still, the site gives a good look at the best prospects available in the 2019 NBA Draft, including Zion Williamson from Duke, Ja Morant from Murray State, RJ Barrett from Duke, and Darius Garland from Vanderbilt.

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