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LeBron James load management: L.A. Lakers star weighs in on NBA news

LeBron James Buzzer
LeBron James beating the buzzer against the Miami Heat. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

LeBron James and load management became a hot topic after the L.A. Lakers signed him as a free agent. But James isn’t the only player who has been linked to load management in the NBA.

This week, Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers was rested during the front end of a back-to-back set of games for the team. The reason given was load management, a plan in place to keep him well-rested for the playoffs.

The term “load management” has a lot of negative connotations to it, especially among fans and ticket buyers around the NBA cities. It basically means a player is resting in order to save energy for the rest of the season. They don’t have to be injured to use what amounts to an excuse to sit out games.

James Harden recently scoffed at the idea of resting on game days and pointed out that he doesn’t just sit out. It’s true. Harden seems to always want to be on the court for the Houston Rockets.

Amid all the chatter among NBA analysts and fans about load management and what it is doing to the game, former NBA MVP and three-time champion LeBron James spoke about it.

LeBron James on load management

Speaking to ESPN following a nice win by the Lakers over the Miami Heat on Friday night, James addressed the topic of load management. He gave a soundbite that is very quotable.

If I’m hurt, I don’t play. If not, I’m playing.

That’s a pretty succinct way of putting things. It seems to indicate that he is not going to rest unless he is going through an injury that could worsen by James being on the floor too much.

It’s not exactly the soundbite that reporters have been looking for, as they want James to weigh in on the situation with Kawhi Leonard and if he thinks it is a good idea for the 2019 NBA Finals MVP to just sit out games.

LeBron’s healthy, LeBron’ll play. That’s all I’ll talk about. I don’t talk about nobody else but me.

It’s not the most eloquent quote that has come from the future NBA Hall of Fame player, but it gets the point across. It’s also good news for Lakers fans who are going to be paying steep prices to see LeBron James and Anthony Davis try to finally get this franchise back to the NBA playoffs.

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