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LeBron James gives quarantine update after Lakers get tested for coronavirus

lakers lebron james posts quarantine update
Following Lakers players being tested for coronavirus, LeBron James posted an update. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

With the NBA season on hiatus, it’s meant that players have been isolated from their teammates, friends, and, of course, the sport they love playing this time of year.

That includes superstar LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers’ star recently gave fans an update about how he’s doing since being placed in isolation with his family.

In addition, after news hit that four Brooklyn Nets tested positive for coronavirus, it meant the Lakers needed to take some action to check on their players.

LeBron posts video about quarantine struggles

With most of the United States self-isolating in order to try to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, LeBron James has been dealing with life without the NBA and outside interactions.

That includes the lack of a proper haircut, which he’s been unable to get lately.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, King James joked that he’s looking like “Tom Hanks off Cast Away.”

Hanks was the first major celebrity revealed as testing positive for coronavirus.

In the video, James also shows his wife, Savannah, is having to resort to giving herself a haircut with scissors. It seems the James family is doing what they need to survive until they can get back to life as normal.

Prior to the season coming to a halt, James and the Lakers were on pace for a run toward the NBA championship with a record of 49-14. Still, they had 19 games left on the regular-season slate, and, of course, the playoffs to work through.

James was enjoying his second season with the team, and first with new All-Star teammate Anthony Davis. However, the recent events around the world involving coronavirus quickly shook everyone’s reality and put the Lakers’ goal on pause.

Lakers players get tested for coronavirus

Last week, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was reported as the first NBA player to have a positive test for coronavirus. The next day, it was his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, followed by the Detroit Pistons’ Christian Wood several days later.

Each time a new case popped up, it raised concerns about teams and players who had gone up against someone who was infected.

Prior to the NBA suspending the season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ last game was against the Brooklyn Nets at Staples Center on Tuesday, March 10. Since the Nets made headlines with four players testing positive for COVID-19, including Kevin Durant, the Lakers’ organization has now tested its players.

According to Dave McMenamin, the tests took place on Wednesday. USA Today reported that the players drove to get tests done just outside of the team’s practice facility in El Segundo, California.

Players never got out of their cars and the test took a matter of minutes using a Q-tip to get a culture from up each player’s nostrils. Only players were tested so far.

At this time, it’s unknown when the Los Angeles Lakers’ coronavirus test results will come back. However, all of the players are currently under the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

As for if and when the NBA season might return, it’s still anyone’s guess. While the season might end up canceled completely, commissioner Adam Silver recently mentioned the possibility of a “one-off” fundraiser game involving various players.

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