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LeBron James comments on NBA playoffs situation amid coronavirus pandemic

lebron james comments on nba playoffs
LeBron James talked about the suspended season and preparing for the playoffs on the Roadtrippin Podcast. Pic credit: Road Trippin’/YouTube

With the NBA season suspended, it has led to a lot of questions about the status of the season, due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken everyone’s attention.

That includes the determination of whether or not they’ll even finish out the regular season, or if they’ll just try to figure out a playoff to determine this season’s champions.

During a recent podcast conversation, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers gave his thoughts on the length of time it’d take him and others to get back into playoff form.

LeBron comments on timeframe to prepare for playoffs

The way it was looking, the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers were the best of the East and West, respectively, but it’s anyone’s guess if they were both going to get into the NBA finals.

However, many people believed those were the favorites out of the group of potential contenders for an NBA championship in 2020.

With the season halted, it meant teams and players were left in limbo on what might happen next. Many players are continuing to do what they can to stay in shape while staying at home and away from team facilities or gyms.

During the recent Road Trippin Podcast for Uninterrupted and Spectrum Sports, LeBron James appeared live as part of the conversation with Spectrum Lakers host Allie Clifton, and former teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

Frye proposed an interesting question to LeBron as part of the episode, asking him if the NBA said things were fine and started up the season again, how long it would take them to “get going.”

“Yo, random real question, if the season started, if they said everything was fine, how many games you think it would take for you guys to get back going?” Frye asked James.

“We been off a week and a half now,” James said on the podcast episode from March 26.

“Yeah, so, I think maybe, one and a half, maybe two weeks of like a mini-training camp, and then five to 10 games,” James replied in response to Frye’s question.

Frye and RJ were shocked by the King’s reply.

“If we talking about finishing the regular season, then we don’t need that much,” James added to his response.

“We could do a week of training camp and then get back to it by then, but when you been building like six months of conditioning and preparation…,” James mentioned to which Frye agreed.

Is the 2020 NBA season coming back?

There were recent positive updates in terms of the recovery status for the Detroit Pistons’ Christian Wood and his team, as well as for Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and members of the Utah Jazz. All three NBA players appear to have been cleared following their positive tests for COVID-19.

The Lakers had several unidentified members of their organization test positive recently so they’ve been in a quarantine situation.

Meanwhile, much, if not all of the United States, has been practicing social distancing and avoiding going out into the public to prevent getting infected and/or spreading coronavirus.

Until some positive data shows up that the curve has flattened, it doesn’t appear the NBA will be back to business. However, there’s been mention that June may end up being when things could get going in terms of playoffs.

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