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LeBron James 280: Rumor has it that LeBron is 30 pounds overweight but will that affect his play?

Is LeBron James 280?
Is LeBron James 280 lbs and will that affect his play? Pic credit: ©

Is LeBron James 280 lbs? That is the word going around right now and that is worrisome for both James and Los Angeles Lakers fans.

See, professional athletes need to stay in peak physical condition to avoid injuries. If they get out of shape, they have a chance to suffer other injuries.

LeBron James ideal weight is 250 pounds. He spent over a month sitting out with a severe groin injury — which also meant he couldn’t work out as much as he normally does.

James has returned to the court but if the ESPN reports are right that LeBron James is 280 pounds, he risks another injury and groin pulls have a good chance of lingering, especially if there is more weight on the body during athletic competition.

NBA trainer Travelle Gaines told HoopsHype that LeBron looks closer to 260, which is still above his ideal weight but not as bad.

“LeBron has the best sports performance around him,” Gaines said. “He is always going to be in the top shape.”

The Los Angeles Lakers are 28-29, sitting below .500 in the Western Conference and are two teams out of a playoff spot.

It also should be noted that, since his return from injury, LeBron James is playing at peak performance. He has averaged a triple-double in five games since returning, with 23.2 points, 11.0 assists and 10.8 rebounds. However, he is also shooting 4.5 percent lower than he was before his injury.

The bad news is that the Los Angeles Lakers are 1-4 since LeBron James returned, so things are not looking up for the team or LeBron right now.

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