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Kobe Bryant gives LeBron James some strong advice

Kobe Bryant gives LeBron James some strong advice
Kobe Bryant gives LeBron James some strong advice. Pic credit: king.lebron.james/Instagram

LeBron James is finishing his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers by missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons and Kobe Bryant has some advice for the big man following this year’s disappointing results.

LeBron has been to the playoffs with superstar teammates (see the Miami Heat) and he has been to the NBA Finals with a patchwork team (see last years Cleveland Cavaliers). This season, he tried to work with young and inexperienced Los Angeles Lakers players and they fell short.

The Lakers actually had the fourth best record in the Western Conference until LeBron suffered a groin injury and his teammates couldn’t win without him.

What is next for LeBron James?

Kobe Bryant offers LeBron James advice

“It was unfortunate because it got hit with so many injuries in rapid succession,” Bryant told ESPN.

Kobe Bryant had a lot of success with the Los Angeles Lakers but he knows what it is like to play with lesser players. Not even Kobe could make it to the playoffs when his teammates couldn’t help carry the weight.

“They got hit with all these injuries,” Kobe said. “Kind of set ’em back, knocked them off-kilter a little bit. It’s hard to reboot that and so now they get caught in that rut. But next year should be better.”

So, what is his advice for LeBron James?

“You just gotta keep pushing,” Bryant said. “Seasons like this are what make the championships worth it.”

Kobe also had advice for Magic Johnson.

“You have opportunities, things, pieces that you can trade, assets of that sort, or you can stay with the young guys who are extremely talented and have great upside and let them develop,” Bryant said. “Either direction you go should be a good direction.”

Lakers finishing 2018-19 NBA season

The Los Angeles Lakers are finishing the season without many stars.

Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are both finished for the season. LeBron James will not play every game as the Lakers want him to be 100 percent next year and rumors are he came back from his groin injury before he was completely ready.

The Lakers could get a big draft pick this summer and they have a lot of money to try to sign a second superstar.

Los Angeles Lakers fans may be impatient and LeBron James hates to lose, but Kobe Bryant is right. Next year will be that much better.

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