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Knicks fans react after they lose NBA Lottery, Zion Williamson

knicks fans shown in ny reacting to nba draft lottery news
Knicks fans at a sports bar in NY react to disappointing NBA Draft Lottery news. Pic credit: ESPN

On Tuesday night, Knicks fans watched as their team lost the NBA Draft Lottery and their possible franchise-changing pick-of-a-lifetime.

Zion Williamson appears as if he will head to the New Orleans Pelicans, the team that won the Draft Lottery. Meanwhile, Knicks fans reacted to the brutal news that they’d have to pick several spots lower.

ESPN captures Knicks fans reacting in New York

As the NBA’s Draft Lottery results unfolded on Tuesday, ESPN had camera crews in different sports bars in specific cities. Those cities lined up with the teams that had a good shot at the No. 1 pick, including New York.

As they saw they had a chance to get the pick, they were clearly excited. That soon turned to disappointment as the No. 3 pick was revealed to be theirs.

One fan in the video sums up the disappointment saying, “I’m not completely devastated… beyond could be really bad, but we wanted Zion man.”

The video also captures the crew from last night’s Hoops Streams show on ESPN following the NBA Draft Lottery results.

UFC/MMA journalist Ariel Helwani was there and is amongst the Knicks fans. He simply buried his face in his hands upon learning of his team’s draft fate.

Later on, Helwani seemed to cheer up and actually started to support Zion’s Duke teammate, who could become the new face of the Knicks franchise.

More Knicks fans reacting to NBA Draft fate

The New York Knicks Twitter is also rich with comments from fans expressing their disappointment.

While whoever runs the Twitter account is trying to express optimism for the No. 3 pick, fans in the comments are still dealing with it. That includes everything from GIFs showing teary-eyed men, to individuals punching walls or TVs in pure rage.

Below is another video that captures Knicks fans as they enjoy the fact the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t get the No. 1 pick.

The Lakers will pick fourth in the draft, which brought pure joy to those fans. Moments later, it turned to pure disappointment as the No. 3 team was announced.

Most NBA fans, sports fans, or just social media users are probably familiar with the “crying Jordan” memes that are out there.

It seems a new athlete may be taking over, thanks to Joel Embiid shedding tears after the Sixers lost Game 7 this past weekend. A “crying Embiid” has surfaced to show off the Knicks fans sadness.

Of course, the ultimate reaction to the New York Knicks’ disappointing luck comes from none other than Stephen A. Smith. A video showcasing him as he loses it over the Knicks not being able to draft Zion is everything.

It features the outspoken ESPN personality in a dark room just expressing intense rage unlike any he may have shown before.

That said, Ja Morant or RJ Barrett could be a great pick at No. 3, and the Knicks still have the potential to trade away that No. 4 pick for a guy like Anthony Davis.

Still, for those Knicks fans who had their hopes up, it’s going to be a rough day.

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