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Kevin Durant surgery, recovery update: How long does an Achilles take to heal?

warriors teammates help kevin durant up after injury in NBA Finals
The Warriors’ Kevin Durant will be out of action a while after rupturing his Achilles in Game 5. Pic credit: ABC/YouTube

After tests and MRI results, the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant was confirmed to have a ruptured Achilles on Wednesday. KD’s injury arrived from his attempt to play in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Durant left the game in the second quarter after limping off the court. He later left the arena with the Warriors’ training staff where he was in a walking boot with crutches.

Here’s the latest on Kevin Durant’s surgery and how long his Achilles will take to heal.

Kevin Durant posts message after surgery

On Wednesday, Kevin Durant had surgery in New York to repair the Achilles injury. Following successful surgery, KD posted to Instagram, thanking everyone for their support and talking about the journey ahead.

He also said he’s fully supporting his teammates in their continued NBA Finals battle with the Raptors.

It comes as a significant blow for the former NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP. Some heralded his return as the potential series-changer for a Warriors team that was down 3-1.

While KD contributed 11 points in Game 5 and his team won, it was a narrow victory. The two teams meet again on Thursday evening in Oakland, with the Warriors trying to tie things at 3-3.

In addition to that, Kevin Durant is one of the significant NBA free agents for the summer ahead. Several teams reportedly wanted to sign him including the New York Knicks and possibly Brooklyn Nets.

With an injury like this, it always raises concerns for an athlete’s ability to contribute.

Kevin Durant’s Achilles recovery after surgery

As Durant mentioned in his Instagram post, it’s a long journey ahead. Now that Durant’s injury keeps him out for the foreseeable future, and fans are wondering how long his recovery will take.

According to ESPN’s report, Durant is going to be out for the entire 2019-20 NBA season.

First comes the rest part of the recovery. Durant will undergo intense physical therapy at some point to start rehabilitating his injury. Once he gets going with that, it’s about four to six months before he can return to activity.

Durant’s not the first professional athlete to go down with an Achilles injury either. His own NBA teammate DeMarcus Cousins suffered a similar injury last January.

He saw a bit of a decrease in his stats between last season and once he returned. However, Cousins is now contributing on the court for the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Cousins suffered the injury back on January 27 of last year, and he wasn’t back in action until January 17. That probably sheds some light on just how long Durant is going to be out of action. Many people were suggesting a full year away from the basketball court.

Other former NBA stars to suffer Achilles injuries included Chauncey Billups, Elton Brand, and Kobe Bryant. Of those players, it took a lot out of Kobe, who went down in terms of his points (25 to 18.9 per game) and rebounds (5.3 to 4.4 per game).

He was less effective in his final three seasons and ultimately decided to call it a career. The Black Mamba missed April 12, 2013, until Dec. 18, 2013.

However, it’s worth noting that NY Daily News points out former Trail Blazers player Wesley Matthews had a quicker recovery. Matthews was injured in early March of 2015 and then returned in October of that year.

So that’s a slightly better recovery timeframe. Wesley, who returned for the Cavs, also managed to put up similar stats to what he did before he was hurt.

So it’s looking like a long road ahead for a player who was considered to be a significant free agent this summer. Still, Kevin Durant has the best staff to work with going forward and plenty of support from his fans, family, and friends.

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