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Kawhi Leonard New Balance commercial: OMN1S release date arrives following Clippers star’s new ad

kawhi leonard stars in new balance commercial for omni1s sneakers
Kawhi Leonard in his brand new New Balance for the OMNIS. Pic credit: New Balance/YouTube screencap

With the return of the NBA season, comes the return of NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard to the hardwood as well. However, this season marks another new direction for Kawhi’s career as the former Toronto Raptors All-Star is now amongst the top stars on the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s still the same Kawhi as before and is hoping his sneakers of choice will catch on in the same fashion as popular kicks from LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Kawhi’s New Balance commercial begins to reign over LA

The new Kawhi Leonard New Balance commercial is looking to capture Kawhi’s cool, quiet, and hardworking essence in order to sell a few pairs of the new OMN1s. A new ad features the laid back, cool style of the league’s quiet-yet-confident superstar.

As The Violinaire’s 1972 gospel song The Upper Way plays on, Kawhi is shown enjoying his old school convertible, honing his craft on the basketball court, and surveying the new scenery in Los Angeles.

It’s a fitting ad to sell fans on just what makes him one of the best in the game today as he generally keeps his emotions under wraps when he’s playing ball.

When and where to get Kawhi Leonard’s OMN1S sneakers

The Kawhi Leonard New Balance commercial isn’t just to show who Kawhi is, but also to sell the newest edition of his sneakers, the OMN1S. They officially go on sale on Wednesday, October 23 on the New Balance website. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for the official launch so as not to miss out on the drop.

Some aggressive sellers on Twitter are advertising the sneakers to go on sale around 10 a.m. Eastern Time. However, it appears that the sellers are simply sending customers to the New Balance website or Footlocker website which also will be selling the OMN1S. Footlocker has a countdown timer indicating the shoes will be on sale at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time).

New Balance provided interested customers with a number of images of the new kicks. According to a comment from New Balance on their Instagram post, the shows sell for $140 USD.

Based on some of the comments on the Instagram post above, there are fans who are receptive to the Kawhi Leonard OMN1S in terms of their design. Others are asking for a low top pair to arrive to the market, which seems possible should the OMN1S catch on in general. And many others are hoping they will be able to get a pair before they quickly sell out and then go on sale again for higher prices.

Here are some more looks at Kawhi Leonard’s New Balance sneakers, the OMN1S, which may be a limited release item.

In addition to the kicks, there are other items that Kawhi fans may pick up on including t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. It still remains to be seen if New Balance can become a top seller like Under Armour did with Steph Curry, but Kawhi Leonard now has a lot more attention in a bigger NBA market.

New Balance isn’t guaranteeing that kids are going to become the next Kawhi, but they’re at least giving a chance to try to follow in his footsteps by wearing his shoes and keeping things low key but dedicated to the game.

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