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DeMarcus Cousins ACL injury: How long is Boogie’s torn ACL recovery time?

demarcus cousins suffered an acl injury on august 15
The Lakers’ DeMarcus Cousins has suffered a devastating injury ahead of the season. Pic credit: NBA on ESPN/YouTube

Los Angeles Lakers fans received a dose of bad news for the upcoming season, as a DeMarcus Cousins ACL injury was reported. Boogie’s knee injury is reportedly a torn ACL, bringing yet another setback to a player looking to return to the court after a disappointing season with the Golden State Warriors.

Here are more details about Cousins’ torn ACL injury and potential recovery time.

Boogie’s knee injury happened in Vegas workout

An initial ESPN report said that DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins suffered a serious knee injury during a basketball workout in Las Vegas. Reportedly, Cousins bumped knees with another player on the court. Following the incident, it was suspected he had a torn ACL. That was later confirmed in a tweet from Shams Charnia, citing league sources that talked to The Athletic.

It’s another unfortunate turn of events for the former NBA All-Star. He signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for the coming season after failing to win an NBA championship with the Warriors. Cousins was sidelined for much of last season following the Achilles tendon tear he suffered as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

He ultimately made a big return for the NBA playoffs but tore his quadriceps. However, Cousins returned ahead of schedule from that injury and attempted to give Golden State a boost in the NBA finals. Unfortunately, the team was also plagued by injuries suffered by two of their top scorers, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

DeMarcus Cousins, Lakers’ season outlook

Cousins, formerly a No. 5 pick for the Sacramento Kings, is a four-time NBA All-Star. He signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers just last month. The Lakers and their fans were certainly looking forward to his return to the hardwood in a season where many people are picking LeBron and company to win the championship.

A first look at the Lakers’ schedule arrived just days ago via the NBA, with Cousins’ former New Orleans teammate Anthony Davis front and center. LeBron James will be back, hoping for a much better season.

Also on the roster are Kyle Kuzma and Rajon Rondo, along with newcomers including Danny Green and Avery Bradley. Cousins was intended to be a part of that new-look Lakers roster rebooted for the 2019-20 season.

JaVale McGee is also part of the roster heading into the new season.

For professional athletes, a torn ACL is often a tough injury, with some players never quite regaining the former level of play. However, as medical technology continues to advance, it’s possible some players could return to action and get close to having their former abilities.

The prognosis for DeMarcus Cousins’ injury recovery has yet to be announced. He’ll most likely have to undergo surgery first. Following that, the team can provide an update on how long he’ll need before he might return to the game.

According to Medicinenet, recovery from an ACL injury can take anywhere from six to nine months, depending on the individual, any setbacks, and the medical team’s evaluations.

If he is able to return within six months, it would bring him back by February of 2020, which is several months before the season’s end. Nine months could mean he doesn’t return until late May, during the playoffs.

Clearly, DeMarcus Cousins, the Lakers, and their fans are hoping for a quick recovery time to help in their latest push for a title. Otherwise, the roster the team has in place will need to play past this tough setback.