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David Stern cause of death: How did former NBA commissioner die?

former nba commissioner david stern
Former NBA commissioner David Stern passed away on January 1, 2020. Pic credit: Photos

On January 1, NBA commissioner emeritus David Stern passed away at the age of 77. He was the longest-serving commissioner in the history of the NBA and he oversaw the league for 30 years.

Fans, teams, and players remembered the former commissioner upon the news and the league will now commemorate him in a special way for the remainder of the season.

How did former NBA commissioner David Stern die?

As previously reported, David Stern’s cause of death was a brain hemorrhage, which he suffered three weeks ago. According to TMZ, Stern was dining at the Brasserie 8 1/2 restaurant in Manhattan when he collapsed. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery.

According to Web MD, a brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke where an artery in the brain bursts and causes bleeding in surrounding tissues. The bleeding kills brain cells due to swelling inside the brain. causing pooled blood to collect into a mass known as a hematoma.

While some patients can recover completely from a brain hemorrhage, there are possible complications, including loss of brain function and in the case of the former commissioner, death.

NBA to honor David Stern for rest of season

In the NBA’s statement from NBA commissioner Adam Silver, he referred to Stern as “a mentor and one of my dearest friends,” adding that he was “one of the greatest sports commissioners of all time but also one of the most influential business leaders of his generation.”

Stern presided over the NBA from 1984 until February 2014, when Silver took over.

Stern helped to famously bring the league to prominence during the days of Michael Jordan, who became a major pop culture icon with the Chicago Bulls. He was also sitting by Magic Johnson’s side at a press conference in 1991 when the NBA star announced he had HIV.

In addition, Stern instituted the NBA dress code, helped launch the WNBA, and was famously on stage to shake the hand of a young LeBron James back in 2003.

As a tribute to the former NBA commissioner, the league plans to put commemorative black bands on player jerseys and referee uniforms. They will have these on for the remainder of the season.

 According to Yahoo, the bands will be placed near the corporate sponsorship logos on player jerseys. As of this report, it’s unknown when the NBA plans to introduce the commemorative black bands on player jerseys and referee uniforms.

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