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Chris Paul trade rumors: Lakers, Heat may be out for now on one condition

former houston rockets guard chris paul
Since Chris Paul’s trade from Houston to OKC, more trade rumors have emerged. Pic credit: NBA

With most of the biggest stars in the league now signing with new teams or getting traded, Chris Paul remains a question mark.

Ever since the Oklahoma City Thunder sent Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets, there have been Chris Paul trade rumors.

Now it appears, that teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat may be out of the picture for CP3, but only on one condition.

Chris Paul trade speculation ongoing

Not long after the Westbrook trade occurred, there was plenty of analysts and fans out there putting out theories of which team could use Chris Paul.

Immediately, there were Chris Paul Heat rumors or Lakers rumors, with both teams giving CP3 at least one other All-Star teammate.

There’s even been rumors of Paul going to the New York Knicks or back to his first team, New Orleans (formerly the Hornets).

On the same day he reported the trade news, the man known for giving credibility to reports of players wanting out, and actually getting out, dropped a “Woj Bomb.”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said that Houston had tried to involve a third team in the deal and that Miami was in play.

He also would mention that OKC had no plans for Paul to be in a Thunder jersey when the season starts in several months.

On a recent ESPN Pardon the Interruption segment, Stephen A. Smith suggested a way in which Chris Paul could end up joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers.

Whether or not he goes to the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers still remains to be seen, though. Of those two teams, Miami may have more to offer the Oklahoma City Thunder in a possible trade.

The Lakers have already given up plenty in order to acquire Anthony Davis and sign several other stars to their roster. They would need that scenario Stephen A. gave in order to make it work.

Chris Paul could stay with OKC Thunder

There actually seems to be another option and that is CP3 remains a member of the Thunder. Citing two league sources, Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger suggested that Chris Paul could stay on the Oklahoma City Thunder roster.

However, this will only occur based on him wanting to be there “on his own accord.” Otherwise, it’s most likely that OKC would oblige CP3 by finding a way to trade him to another team.

The report goes on to mention that the Oklahoma City Thunder received a star player in the Westbrook deal whose contract is also one year less.

While OKC is looking to rebuild their team after years of moderate success and plenty of big name stars, having a veteran star on board to help their process couldn’t hurt.

That is, if Chris Paul decides that he wants that rather than the elusive NBA Championship.

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