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Anthony Davis trade rumors: Pelicans VP provides NBA teams with possible deals

Anthony Davis Trade Interview
Anthony Davis has requested a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans. Pic credit: ESPN/YouTube

Anthony Davis trade rumors just kicked into another gear. NBA teams just received some key information from the New Orleans Pelicans which outlines the parameters of possible trades.

A big component of these new NBA rumors is that the Pelicans are willing to do a multiple-team deal in order to acquire the right pieces. The movement definitely seems to indicate the Pelicans are ready to deal.

Anthony Davis trade framework provided to NBA teams

NBA analyst Adrian Wojnarowski just revealed that David Griffin, who is the Executive Vic President of Basketball Operations for the New Orleans Pelicans, contacted possible suitors of Anthony Davis.

It’s not a secret that there are a number of teams that would like to complete an Anthony Davis trade during the NBA offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams that pushed hard to do it during this past NBA season.

It is expected that the Lakers will again enter into discussions, as teaming up LeBron James with another All-Star player has been the goal for the team. Now, the Lakers know what the Pelicans are looking for in a potential deal.

NBA rumors about Anthony Davis

Teams like the New York Knicks have also been linked to these trade talks. The franchise is trying to head in a new direction, with a lot of cap space to get something done. Would the team deal its first-round pick to nab Davis?

It is expected that the haul for a Davis trade is going to be huge for the Pelicans. The franchise wants teams like the Boston Celtics to enter the discussion, as that is a franchise with a lot of youth and future draft picks to offer.

No teams can make a deal with the Pelicans until after the 2019 NBA Finals have concluded, but that day is showing up on the horizon. With the news coming out that the Pelicans are officially engaging other teams, it may indicate that an Anthony Davis trade could come up quickly this offseason.

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