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Yankees retired numbers: Which numbers have been retired in New York as of 2020?

Monument Park
Which numbers have the New York Yankees retired? Pic credit: Masslive/YouTube

When it comes to MLB legends of the game, no team boasts more than the New York Yankees.

The ghosts of Yankees past still remain strong within baseball today. From Babe Ruth, and Mickey Mantle to the great Joe DiMaggio and most recently Derek Jeter, the Yankees legends are a who’s who of baseball royalty.

That’s why they built Monument Park in the outfield of Yankee Stadium many decades ago – to honor all of the greats that have worn the pinstripes in franchise history. Here’s a look at the Yankees retired numbers as of right now.

How many numbers have the Yankees retired?

In honor of the new season that is quickly approaching, it seems to be a great time to take a minute to reflect on yesteryear.

With the most World Series titles in MLB history, it is no shock that the Yankees have retired the most numbers for a single franchise as well.

So just how many numbers have been retired by the New York Yankees? There are 21 Yankees retired numbers, as of this report.

According to, as of the conclusion of the 2019 season, the Yankees have pulled 21 numbers from circulation to honor 22 of their finest players and managers. No. 8 was retired for two players – or twice if you will.

That is the most retired numbers of any MLB team in baseball history.

Here is an interesting fact – never again will you see a New York Yankees player wearing a single-digit number on the back of their jersey. Numbers 1-9 have all been sent out to Monument Park.

Yankees list of retired uniforms

Sometimes franchises get a bit overzealous and retire a number that doesn’t quite deserve it.

The team may have won a title or two and the fans remember the good old days and think that certain players deserve the honor when in actuality they may not.

Well, you can’t say that about any of the players that the Yankees sent to Monument Park, can you?

Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford. All of those guys weren’t just good players, they were great.

Not just as Yankees, but as legends of the game.

The list of retired Yankees numbers is long, but can’t be denied. They are all baseball legends.

Here is the complete list of retired New York Yankees numbers.

No. 1 — Billy Martin

No. 2 — Derek Jeter

No. 3 — Babe Ruth

No. 4 — Lou Gehrig

No. 5 — Joe DiMaggio

No. 6 — Joe Torre

No. 7 — Mickey Mantle

No. 8 — Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey

No. 9 — Roger Maris

No. 10 — Phil Rizzuto

No. 15 — Thurman Munson

No. 16 — Whitey Ford

No. 20 — Jorge Posada

No. 23 — Don Mattingly

No. 32 — Elston Howard

No. 37 — Casey Stengel

No. 42 — Mariano Rivera

No. 44 — Reggie Jackson

No. 46 — Andy Pettitte

No. 49 — Ron Guidry

No. 51 — Bernie Williams

The list of Yankees retired numbers easily represents many of the all-time favorite players in the history of the franchise. Who will join the list next?

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